10 Best Live Chat Plugin for Ecommerce Website

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List of best live chat plugins for ecommerce websites

In current scenario, there is an increase in the trend of online shopping and as a result the number of ecommerce website is also increasing at a rapid pace. Hence, customers have multiple options and they can immediately switch to another website if they are left unattended or are not satisfied by the services. Adding real time chat allows the companies to answer the real time questions of the customers which further lead to increase in customer satisfaction and engagement. According to a survey of American online consumers, 68% engage in live chat and 63% prefer getting back to a website with live chat for repeat purchase. Hence, it is very crucial to have the efficient live chat plugin for the ecommerce website.

Here, we have listed 10 live chat plugins that can be used for the ecommerce website:


This live chat software is highly admired as it has video chat, voice call as well as text chat solutions. It also has the features of co-browsing and co sharing which makes it more admirable.

Key features

  • It is mobile optimized, which enables the customers to initiate the chat even with their mobile phones.
  • It provides detailed analytics of the chat and also allows the agents to handle multiple customers at the same time.
  • The feature of live call recording has proved to be very beneficial as it helps to train new agents and share the feedback with the agent.
  • Has a shopify Plugin –  Tagove

Live chat 24/7 

It is one of the most admired free live chat engines as it allows switching between live and robot agents for easy functions. It helps to smoothen the operations and facilitates 24/7 functioning.

Key features

  • The system learns from the interactions with the customers and builds the knowledge base that helps in giving more relevant answers 24/7.
  • It can be automatically switched to automated agents after business hours and on holidays.
  • It provides all the shortcuts, analytics and chat history for swift operations.
  • Has a shopify plugin : Livechat24-7

Formilla Live chat 

This platform is highly admired as it allows chatting proactively with the customers and supporting the customers from any place using the phone with the help of its iPhone/iPad and Android apps.

Key features

  • It enables real time visitor monitoring which allows seeing the total number of active visitors on the website and initiating the chat with them.
  • It provides desktop notifications which helps to ensure that the chat is not missed.
  • Customers can directly send the email to the company when they are offline with the help of the Offline Email form.
  • Has shopify plugin  Formilla Live Chat Plugin )

Tidio Live chat 

It easily integrates with the website page and is very user friendly as it does not require any registration.

Key features

  • It allows chatting on all type of devices; hence customers can be contacted at any time.
  • The multi language support displays the chat in the language of the users.
  • It enables the agent to read the messages while they are typing, before they send the message. It helps them to understand the needs of the customer in a better way and gives them time to respond.
  • Has shopify plugin  Tidio chat 


Owing to the multiple features LiveChat helps to increase customer satisfaction and increase the sales conversion rate.

Key features

  • It tracks real time visitors and allows initiating the chat if someone abandons the product from the cart.
  • It works in over 30 languages and is compatible with multiple browsers. 
  • It provides all the analytics and statistics for all the agents which are very useful for the monitoring the productivity of the agent. 
  • Has shopify plugin Livechat 

Zopim Live Chat 

It is very user friendly as it allows chatting with client from any browser or on iOS/Android app. 

Key features

  • It is mobile optimized and can provide and provides advanced analytics to monitor visitor flow and usage patterns.
  • It is available in over 40 languages.
  • The user friendly dashboard allows monitoring visitor activity and managing chats.
  • Has shopify plugin Zopim Live Chat 


It provides the solutions for small as well as big companies by providing the packages of various budgets.

Key features

  • The live chat software is very user friendly and fits the requirement of all business type.
  • It supports both the desktop and mobile visitors and allows the companies to customize the chat window.
  • The agents can also see previous chats, surveys and can also track probable location of the customer which helps in better understanding.

Pure Chat 

It helps in increasing sales by engaging customers and creating new leads. It also provides the reports for all the team members.

Key features

  • It permits to customize the chat window as per the website of the brand.
  • Dashboard provides all the details of the visitors, referral sources and locations.
  • When the agents are not available the chat boxes of the missed visitors are converted in the form of leads.
  • Has shopify plugin Pure chat 

Olark Live chat 

It reveals the visitor traffic and can also track what they are doing. They can also get to know of the products in their shopping cart.

Key features

  • It gives all the details about the visitor, even one can find out about the pages they have visited.
  • It provides a great variety of designs and colors that can integrate with the corporate design.
  • By viewing the products in the cart agents can gain more understanding about the customers and address their concern effectively. 
  • Has shopify plugin Olark live chat cartsaver

Chatra Live chat 

It is very popular among the companies as it aids in providing tailored services to the customers. It allows the agent to see the cart content and helps them to identify most valuable customers and can assist them on priority.

Key features

  • The group chat feature allows few agents to talk to a single customer. This can be helpful in solving some technical or difficult concern and increase the satisfaction level of customer.
  • Customer can see the name and photo of the chat agents which can prove to be customer engaging.
  • It works from everywhere whether it is a desktop, browser or mobile app. 
  • Has shopfy plugin Chatra


Live chat can prove to be of great use to the company as it helps the company to boost the revenue and the sales. However, it is very crucial to make it an enriching experience for the customers. If they are not satisfied by the services they can spread bad word of mouth for the company and it can hamper the image of the company. Hence, it is vital to select an appropriate live chat plugins and provide proper services to the customers.

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