Fed Up with Lag? Try These 4 Tips to Smoothen Your PC's Performance

With most ventures shifting to online, the worst enemy in your road to maximum productivity (other than lethargically slow internet) ...

The Proxy War - Back Connect v/s Residential Proxies

We live in a world where using proxy servers is like buying groceries from a supermarket. Most people use these to offer a way to hide...

12 Essential Items Your Website Design Should Have

Websites are common interaction features today. According to a Statista report in 2019, there were 1.72 billion websites in the world...

240hz vs 144hz

When it comes to monitor or screen selection, usually the bigger the specification numbers, the better the performance, but with new ...

How Does COVID-19 Impact the Future Workplace?

COVID-19 has raised a lot of questions than answers. People are paranoid, lockdowns have become normal and businesses are struggling to...


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