Today, more and more gaming projects are seeking to leverage the benefits of blockchain technology. But what should you do if your ideas and ambitions exceed the capabilities of your team? 

This is where a blockchain game development company can help, taking on all the work. Outsourcing the development of blockchain games can help realize the boldest ideas while maintaining control over the budget.

Six advantages of outsourcing for blockchain game development

Outsourcing in the creation of blockchain games offers significant advantages over in-house development. This method can expand the technical capabilities of the game and accelerate its creation. Here are several key benefits of this approach that will interest IT specialists and game developers.

Cost reduction and budget optimization

Outsourcing can significantly reduce development costs. You won’t need to hire a full team of developers on a permanent basis. This means you’ll only pay for the work done, while saving on office space, equipment purchases, and licenses.

Access to top specialists

The world of blockchain is rapidly evolving. Specialized skills, such as smart contract development or NFT integration, may be rare among specialists in your local market. Outsourcing allows you to find the perfect specialists for each task.

Faster time to market

When working with outsourcing teams, you can concurrently manage multiple developments or speed up the completion of individual project stages. This means your product will hit the market faster.

Project scalability

Outsourcing teams can easily expand or contract depending on your needs. This is ideal for projects with variable workloads and startups.

Offloading your team for more important tasks

When you outsource technically complex or time-consuming tasks, your internal team can focus on other important tasks for the future project, such as marketing.

Fresh ideas

External teams of blockchain game developers can bring new creative ambitions to your project. After all, they often have experience working on various gaming projects.

The full cycle of developing blockchain games

Blockchain is not just the foundation of cryptocurrencies. It is the perfect way to store and transmit information, which is distributed across the network in an encrypted form. 

Thanks to this, every game asset will be uniquely identified, securely transferred or sold, and completely protected from counterfeiting. But how does the process of creating such games work? Here is a step-by-step plan for the full cycle of developing blockchain games:

  1. Idea and planning. It is logical that everything should be carefully considered first. Answer questions like: what kind of game is it, what are its goals, how will blockchain add uniqueness? This is where the main concepts and strategies are born, which will define the entire project.
  2. Prototyping and creating MVP. Creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) helps to understand how realistic and interesting your ideas are to users.
  3. Development of blockchain components. Smart contracts, tokens, network integration – this stage requires deep technical knowledge and experience.
  4. Creating game mechanics and user interface. The game should be user-friendly and interesting. Design and UX/UI play a key role here.
  5. Testing, debugging, and ensuring security. Blockchain adds complexities, especially when it comes to data and transaction security. Testing takes up a significant portion of the development time.
  6. Game launch and post-release maintenance. The work does not end after the game is released. It is necessary to monitor player feedback, fix bugs, and release updates.

How to choose a reliable outsourcing partner

Choosing a partner for developing blockchain games is not just about finding someone who is willing to do the work for you. 

Specialists from the blockchain game development company Stepico, which has been successfully creating various games for over 9 years, told us about important criteria for choosing an outsourcing company.

First of all, pay attention to the company’s experience in blockchain development. Check for successful blockchain projects in the company. Study the portfolio and reviews. Look at the company’s completed projects, read customer reviews. Make sure the company provides clear and constant communication throughout the development process. Analyze technical and creative capabilities. Evaluate the level of technical readiness and creative potential of the team. Make sure the company is able to quickly adapt to changes in the project.

“The right choice of an outsourcing partner is crucial for the success of your future game, so take this issue seriously,” say Stepico experts.

In conclusion, outsourcing the development of blockchain games is a strategic move that allows companies and startups in the gaming industry to go beyond their capabilities. It is important to understand that successful development of blockchain games requires deep technical knowledge and the ability to work in a constantly changing environment.

Outsourcing offers flexibility, resource savings, and access to the necessary skills to achieve these tasks. Your future project will definitely benefit if you delegate tasks to a proven and reliable company. Such cooperation will open doors to creating games that can attract millions of players worldwide because of the games’ uniqueness, technological advancement, and engaging design. 

There is a lot to gain from using the opportunities of the global market to create something truly new and exciting. This may not only change the perception of games in the community but also turn your company into a successful enterprise.

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