Best Program To Make Graphs and Charts

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Best Program To Make Graphs and Charts

5 Best Programs to Make Graphs and Charts

Which would you want to do: read through a huge wall of text inclusive of equations and numbers or analyze a colorful chart containing every crucial data you need? You’ve probably answered the latter, and everybody else does think the same way too.

Maybe you’ve ventured into Excel and felt that graphs are a bit too complex. Plus, their visuals aren’t as compelling to your audience. Thankfully, a better graph maker does exist out there, one that gives you captivating visuals.

We’ve found and tested five of the best programs to make graphs and charts. These can be your new pie chart maker or quick graph-making app. Check them out below!

Venngage: The Best Graph Maker Software

This graph maker app understands that data isn’t just for businesses. They’re for educational purposes, too. So, like Vizzlo, it gives you handy templates to easily edit and modify to your needs. Plus, it’s web-accessible. You can send your graph to others and allow them to collaborate quickly.

With Venngage, you enjoy the following features:

  • Business-to-Business-oriented templates to save time designing
  • Fully customizable templates
  • Quick graph maker software with online collaboration features

Venngage’s prices aren’t steep (relatively) because of the great options and templates you have.

  • Free gives you five designs and five image uploads only
  • $19/month Premium gives you unlimited designs but only 50 image uploads. You also get premium charts
  • $49/month Business gives you unlimited designs and 500 image uploads with custom branding
  • Enterprise-level use is available by consultation

Microsoft Visio: A Quick Graph Maker

Microsoft’s Excel chart upgrade (as we’d like to put it) is part of its Microsoft 365 suite. If you have subscribed, you probably have access to Visio. Microsoft has carefully crafted Visio to be ultimately user-friendly, but don’t mistake its simplicity to limit its potential from simple flowcharts to complex floor plans.

Visio is convenient because of these benefits:

  • Create simple flowcharts, floor plans, organizational charts, and graphs using a simple and easy-to-understand interface
  • Easy collaboration thanks to Microsoft Visio’s quick web accessibility
  • Easy interaction and collaboration

Microsoft Visio’s basic package costs about $5 monthly, paid one year in advance. This package includes the basic bar chart maker and other features. On the other hand, $15 is perfect for advanced diagramming tools for specialist planners. The Perfect Chart Maker App

Let’s say you want to draw a chart quickly. Therefore, a quick graph maker tool you can pull out of nowhere will be beneficial. is that chart maker app you can access at any time, and it’s free best of all!

The free chart-making software has extensive functionality but only has a brief and short tutorial. Plus, you only get basic shapes, but you can draw advanced ones if you have more time. gives you the following:

  • Diagramming tool makes it easy to create process diagrams, organizational charts, network diagrams, and beyond
  • Easy sharing and collaboration thanks to its web-based software
  • Free to use and export your files!

Vizzlo: The Runner-Up

While it’s web-based like, it’s not free chart-making software. However, it does have advanced features that help you save time, such as its hundred-and-more selection of chart structures to inspire you. Plus, they’re all adaptable to suit your graphing needs (as you may have guessed).

You can use Vizzlo free of charge, but we know you’ll want to use its advanced graphing features. Paying for Vizzlo gives you the following:

  • Visually appealing charts within seconds of use
  • 100+ chart selection with handy designs for any situation
  • Intuitive and customizable designs

Vizzlo has four pricing tiers, with one of them being free of charge:

  • Free: limited features
  • Professional: $11/ month paid yearly
  • Teams: $45/ month paid annually
  • Requires consultation for enterprise-level usage

Best Program To Make Graphs and Charts

Smartdraw: The Easiest to Use Chart Maker Online

If you’d like a streamlined approach to your flowchart maker, then Smartdraw is surely right up your alley. You can create your flow by creating flowcharts and bar graphs. Intelligent formatting makes it easy to customize, export, and edit your charts and graphs. You also have access to thousands of templates if you need quick data visuals too.

  • Smartdraw includes the following features:
  • 1,000+ templates perfect for professional or personal use
  • Convenient accessory tools for building any flowchart, graph, and other visual structural content you need

Smartdraw costs $9.95/month paid yearly for single users and $5.95/month for multiple users, including advanced features and customer support.

Best Program To Make Graphs and Charts

Data Visualization Is Never Complicated (and Expensive!)

Having gone through this list, you’ve seen that many of these best chart-making software offer free but limited versions. These might limit your template access. However, exploring the software’s features gives you compatibility insight with your current existing operations. Doing so ensures you’re making an informed decision before subscribing to your chosen bar chart maker’s premium paid versions.

All of these best graph-making software guarantees the best results for both on-screen and printed graphs, charts, and more.

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