How Web Developers Can Use Different Microsoft Office Versions

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For a prolonged period, developers have been yearning for consideration in the creation of software, including the Microsoft office. If you have been using Microsoft Office versions such as 2003, 2007, and 2010, you can attest to the fact that developers have had limited opportunities. But with time and enhanced improvements, developers and admins can now thankfully enjoy favorable features.

In this article, we shall focus on versions of Microsoft office that bear suitable features for developers. Understanding such information as a developer increases your maneuverability while you explore and deploy these features.

Microsoft Office 2013

When Microsoft office 2013 landed in the market, it provided more functionalities to developers. While previous versions included Visual Basic for Applications, an essential developer’s tool, this version has incorporated the use of website functionalities such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. As a developer or an administrator, you can explore these functions through the Office Cloud App Model.

According to Microsoft’s director, Richard Riley, the company had been working for over 15 years on improvements so that they can revolutionize the mode of Microsoft office interaction with developers. Finally, you can now create web-based apps on this platform as far as you have sufficient knowledge of general app development.

Similar to functions accessible through VBA, you can write several web apps. For instance, excel allows you to create a sport-based app that can download Olympics data, envision this data, and then analyze it by organizing it in a particular order. Outlook, on the other hand, allows you to create an app that incorporates various features into your mail, including adding audio comments plus maps for address location whenever you are sending a text document.

Once you create such apps, you have the permission to store them externally, giving you more administration controls. URL’s to the specific location of these apps will, however, be stored in the software. But saving it on external sources means that you don’t have to replace a plug-in on different computers. Systems within an organization can download specific apps you have created from your servers through an app store enabled by SharePoint.

Talking of SharePoint, available apps you have created will be available to your counterparts in the form of a package. This pack will include an HTML interface, JavaScript functionality code, and a description file in XML format.

Another essential developer-related feature in this version is the Office Developer Center. This tool acts as a source of information where you can find various resources such as tutorials, models, analyses, and helpful documents. Typically, Microsoft office 2013 version marked a significant transition to a platform that supports all your development and administration necessities. It provided advanced features, which allows you to create and explore web apps.

Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft has significantly progressed in developing extra features in Microsoft office 2016 version. With features in the preceding version still available in this version, the introduction of others has made the user experience better. Creation of smarter apps, more profound conversations, and improved integration defines the 2016 version.

Here are some functions enabled in Microsoft office 2016.

Smarter Apps Creation

Microsoft graph is a new feature enabled in this version that allows you to create smart apps. The previous version limited data integration, but here, you can easily integrate both data and intellect into your apps. For instance, you can use the Microsoft Graph to create an app that can access file attachments in your email and return accessed documents to relevant recipients automatically. Such an app can also present proposals for an official meeting within the organization based on real-time calendar convenience.
Data integration in Microsoft Graph includes document picker in Microsoft OneDrive through a simple drop-in application. Microsoft is currently working towards improving features presented by Microsoft Graph; for instance, they intend to activate notifications involving calendar schedules and mail.

• Extensible Conversation Features

Integration of conversation-based applications in Microsoft Office 2016 has improved user experience. You can access apps such as Skype for Business App SDK and Web SDK that enhance two-end communications.

Availability of these features has enabled developers to explore abilities to create apps that function by cloud audio, messages, and meetings, all in the skype developer’s platform. Besides, you can access services such as medical consultations at the comfort of your home through Skype for Business.

• Improved Add-in Models

Microsoft office 2013 included add-ins where various apps from major companies could be incorporated into the software. This feature presented enhanced accessibility to services by concerned organizations, but office 2016 has provided more flexibility with the add-ins.

Formerly, add-ins were available for windows operating system and had limited integration with only a few companies dominating the platform. This version has extended its compatibility with Mac computers while integrating more apps. Companies such as Baydin have created an Outlook add-in that allows you to access email productivity tools including mail reminder notifications and sharing of a calendar via a one-click option.

Microsoft has improved the add-in platform interface to provide you the capability to modify apps you create, thereby upholding modernisms.

• Microsoft Office Inking

This feature depicts the future of Microsoft office’s features and improvements. During the office 2016 launch, Microsoft exhibited inking features that involved using both touch and pen to perform various functions in office apps. For instance, you can draw lines in PowerPoint with a pen, where you can position a ruler feature using two fingers. You can also use the pen feature in Word to edit a document by merely crossing out words.

Primarily, Microsoft office 2016 has indeed focused on promoting development capabilities by improving formerly existing features as well as introducing new features. Moreover, Microsoft developer’s team is still working on improving these features intending to offer you advanced functions.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft has made further and amazing improvements to Microsoft Office 365. During a SharePoint conference, the senior director of Office 365 technical product management said that they have weightily devoted their efforts and resources in making office 365 a superior platform. From creating shrewder solutions to applying these solutions in several outlets, including schools and organizations, this version has covered most of your development needs.

• New Office APIs

Office 365 provides an improved set of API integration which connects and displays services to several other users. It means that you can now develop apps against SharePoint and Lync connection. As a result, you display services related to Mail, calendar, and People, which are standard communication APIs in Microsoft office.

Besides, you can establish the location of other exposed users who are offering particular services through such communication APIs.

• Improved Productivity Apps

Since apps in every software help build a close relationship with its users, Microsoft product management took their time to develop improved productivity apps platform. You can now access advanced tools provided via SharePoint, Lync, and Exchange. For instance, presentations in PowerPoint are now enhanced by improved content apps that allow various abilities, including adding quizzes into notes and surveys. Besides, you can share these presentations and apps with other users.

Office 365 apps also allow you to customize their appearance into your preference. An app providing templates for your preferred organizations improves appeal and experience. Since these templates are ready for use, it saves you time as well as increasing alternative options.

• Numerous Development Tools

You have access to several development tools in office 365, where you can create apps using open standards, including REST, HTML, OAuth, and web services. You also have a choice between various languages and development platforms, such as Azure and Visual Studio using Java, .NET, C, Python, and PHP languages.

Microsoft Graph is also available in office 365 with improved features that allow you to create advanced apps. For instance, DocuSign is a feature in Microsoft Graph that will enable you to sign documents before sending them digitally. This feature also allows you to select files automatically from OneDrive.

Office 365 Group Connectors is a communication platform that helps you connect with other Office users. It is crucial in regards to business practices since you can promote goods and services as well as find some to buy.

Final Thoughts

If you are a developer, you have no excuse anymore as to why you are not considering Microsoft office for your needs. The company has provided a reliable platform for you, so now it’s your turn to convert those skills into reality. Besides, their development is still on the verge of including other functions in these platforms. Therefore, get ready, obtain a preferred Microsoft Office version, and start creating your apps. You can find out more about imminent features on the Microsoft website to see if they match and favor your innovations.

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