Here’s The Secret to Engage With Your Instagram Followers

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Here’s The Secret to Engage With Your Instagram Followers

So, you decided to explore what Instagram has to offer for businesses. And if you are part of those 25 million businesses that attempt to promote their brand, you might wonder how to stand out from the crowd. Well, rest assured we’ve got you covered in this article. Here are some tips you can implement so that you can grow and engage with your audience. Let’s see how you can use your Instagram business account efficiently.

Share  Content

Instagram is a visual platform, but at the same time, it requires you to share as much content as possible. As such, sharing only one photograph per week won’t add value to your business. Instead, try to engage your audience with at least one post per day. A posting schedule like this can benefit you greatly.

Share Videos

Many Instagram users opt for following video content and overlook basic posts. As such, you should consider sharing videos in your Stories. Market data shows that this can boost your engagement rate and make your followers interact with your brand more often.

Use Hashtags

In case you didn’t know already, hashtags can add up to your discovery rate on Instagram. So, it is highly recommended to use trending keywords that are both relevant and useful for your business niche. Also, you can always tailor your brand’s unique hashtag, so that users find your business a lot faster.

Repost Relevant Content

With so many Instagram profiles available, you will most likely discover relevant content for your business. And if you aim to engage your audience, you can always repost and tag users on your profile.

Use Networking to Your Advantage

On this social media platform, you can use fellow users to jointly promote events, contents, or increase your accounts’ popularity. And market data shows that your audience is more likely to engage with peer-to-peer networking content than it is with a basic advertising campaign.

Schedule Your Posts

Even though Instagram is a versatile platform, sharing your content at a specific time is more than necessary. So, you will have to look at your account’s insights and determine when your followers engage the most with your content. With this information, you can schedule your content so that you access as many people as possible.

Use Analytics to Your Advantage

Instagram analytics tools are there to help you overcome any advertising challenges you might encounter. This can offer valuable data about your followers’ behavior and Instagram trends, which, in turn, allows you to use the best promotional strategy.

Entice Your Followers

Well, it is not enough to have a well-established follower database. You will have to create engaging visual content so that users react and engage with your profile. Of course, you can start by buying Instagram followers from sources like, to have an initial audience to work with. Such services are reliable but keep in mind to read reviews on their websites. Using mentioned paid services can quickly and easily boost account growth. Looking for a service to grow your account? Read this guide: WorkMacro Review – Is WorkMacro a Scam? – Jonathon Spire.

Use Contests

Instagram can benefit significantly from the so-called giveaways. Users are prone to engage with such content, and you can use those to your brand’s advantage. And the best part about contests is that many users will check your profile and posts continuously up until the contest ends.


You should always link your Instagram account to other social media accounts your business has. Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube are some of the most popular platforms today. And these are great to engage users and transform them into your Instagram followers. Also, it is best to share similar content on all your accounts, as it will contribute to brand awareness.

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