How a Mobile App for e-Commerce Can Help Businesses

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How a mobile app for e-commerce can help businesses

Today’s entrepreneurs worry about how to beat the competition, increase their own profits, and at the same time invest minimal money in the business.

For all of us, online shopping has become commonplace and no longer surprises anyone. As a result, businesses understood the trends and began to turn more and more often to eCommerce app development. Even though most of the covid restrictions have been lifted, people are in no hurry to return to regular stores. It is much faster and more convenient to buy online. That is why the question of eCommerce app development cost is becoming more and more relevant.

What is e-commerce? It is first and foremost online sales, regardless of what you are selling – goods or services. Any transaction you make with a seller on the Internet can be fitted into the definition of e-commerce.

2 in 3 of today’s users prefer to buy with their smartphone. And of those two-thirds of shoppers, only 1 in 10 use a browser to shop. That’s why your business desperately needs to make a dedicated app.

Here are some strong arguments in favor of turning to eCommerce app development, and we will try to dispel your doubts on this issue.

eCommerce App Development: Change the Angle

Evaluate everything as a simple user. If you are interested in some product or want to use a service, the first thing you will do is open your browser. There you will find a huge number of sites that offer you to buy this product or give you the opportunity to order a particular service.

If it works like clockwork, and the information in it is relevant, then there is a good chance that you will make a purchase there more than once.

Requirements for eCommerce App Development

A modern app should work without interruptions, have a user-friendly interface, a pleasant design, and stand out from the competition. The app needs to be constantly updated, filled with new features, and polished with what is already there.

Otherwise, your users will visit the app rarely or will leave for your competitors. Statistics show that investing time and money in a mobile app is simply profitable.


What eCommerce App Development Should Include

If the app has a user profile, catalog, promotions, shopping cart, and checkout, then in principle it is already possible to start — it’s a kind of primary set of functions.

But it so happens that everything seems good, but in fact, there are many obstacles that discourage the user. This is why I have formed a basic set of recommendations.


During eCommerce app development, it is always important to offer convenient filters so that the user won’t get tired of flipping through the catalog.

Shopping cart

If the user came for a particular product, he can quickly send it to the cart without going to the card. It’s a convenient solution because the user doesn’t have to waste time — he makes the target action one step faster.


One of the barriers to online shopping is the inability to touch the product and look at it. Solving the problem can be at least 3-4 high-quality photos. But even better will work with a video. Such a move in eCommerce app development allows the user to see the product in life and helps them decide.


Reviews work just as well. If while researching a product you come across in reviews how a person with a similar appearance describes the product in a positive way, this will encourage you to buy.


The easiest option for recommendations is similar products.

Fast Buying

Some users are afraid to leave their information. So give the opportunity to buy a product without registration — just ask for the user’s email or phone number. Make sure you explain why you need it.

The shopping cart and checkout are the most time-consuming sections in the app regarding UX, so pay special attention to them.

What other advantages?

Additional arguments demonstrating how an app can help a business would be these:

Ease of Feedback

If a user can share a thank you, suggestion, or complaint about a product, they’ll feel valued — because your relationship with your customer doesn’t end with the purchase.

User-Friendly Business Intelligence

As a business owner, it’s important for you to track the number of app downloads and user engagement to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

User Notification

You can send your customers almost anything you want. The main thing here is not to overdo it, or else the user will either delete your app or turn off notifications from it completely.


Unusual Features

A great option is to use unusual functionality that will help you engage the user.

  • A Main Screen of Modules. An app that displays promotions and product selections on the home screen.
  • Storywise. With stories, you get another creative space for building a dialog with users.
  • Virtual Reality. VR technology is an important trend in the coming years. Virtual reality allows you to look at the product in the real world.
  • Geolocation. Geolocation chips work well if you need to connect your online store with offline outlets.
  • Gamification. In-app games are great because they bring joy and help you unwind. Usually, users are happy to respond to the offer to play.

The work doesn’t end after the release, as the app begins to be tested by the most demanding testing engineers — your users. Try to make them feel comfortable and simplify the buying process. Also, don’t be afraid of new trending chips — they can take it and work.

How a mobile app for e-commerce can help businesses


Only companies present in the online space can compete now. A quality mobile app brings you closer to the customer, and you need to take advantage of that.

When you apply for eCommerce app development, you are investing in developing your business and improving service. The numbers don’t lie: users willingly make purchases in apps and are sure to return if you’ve managed to make the experience enjoyable for them. You can draw your own conclusions.

To promote it, you can contact an advertising agency, or order the eCommerce app development and marketing from one company. The second option, although less common, also has the right to exist.

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