UX Design User Flow Visualization Tools: The Best of the Bunch in 2021

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Also known as diagrams, user flow or UX flow defines a complete user journey or path when availing a service or product; all the way from the beginning. Each and every step a user takes is then mapped to the point of final integration based on all possibilities and challenges that may come across.

All that said, a user flow is important to transactions or conversions with a complete process based on communication technology or platform that can be a website, mobile app, or any other. Because user flow has a direct impact on the overall experience, having a high-end, premium and authentic design is extremely important.

Now that we have a basic understanding of user flow, let’s explore some of 2021’s best tools to help you out with the entire process that is also used by leading web design Dubai agencies.

Wondershare Mockitt

With a full suite of handy flowchart, design, and prototyping tools, Wondershare Mockitt takes the lead when it comes to super amazing user flows that may fall anywhere between simple to sophisticated and extreme pro-level. The platform also supports sharing the data with project managers as well as real-time implementation in the design of prototypes. This way, testing, and development can take place instantly to get the job done in a smooth and swift manner.

Important Features

  • A wide range of creative assets library including flowchart elements, connectors, and hundreds of supporting components.
  • Editable user flow and flowchart templates.
  • Drag-and-drop functions for quick and clean user flows
  • Support Sketch design and prototype import for better user interaction
  • Easy downloading as HTML packages and online sharing


With free infinite online whiteboards from Weje anyone can cope with framing user flows: from a sole entrepreneur or novice marketer to a salted salesman or creator. Design a user flow of varying complexity, either on your own or with the help of a team. Weje offers much for collaboration, including shareable canvases, named cursors, and chat. You can set connections between different elements with arrows or use a mind map-making tool – to comfort the process. Also, you can copy & paste media or figures right onto the board and after – edit and group these, as needed.

Important Features

  • Templates library and a built-in mind map maker.
  • Online sticky notes, checklists, and a drawing tool that ease simultaneous editing.
  • A convenient drag and drop tool for effortless work with text and images.
  • An option to download the outcome or share it via email or socials.


Another famous design and prototyping platform as well as an effective user flow creating tool. When comparing cost with many other design tools, Figma is a bit expensive but totally worth it. With a large community of designers, creative agencies, and third-party users, Figma lets them contribute outstanding content in terms of a design system, plugins, UI kits, and much more. Plus, you can also import Sketch and Adobe XD files and prototype them.

Important Features

  • Massive asset repository that also includes third-party UI kits and user flows.
  • Ready to deploy templates and components with the Flowchart Maker.
  • A greater number of tools for developing creative designs, prototypes, and user flows.
  • The convenience of Autoflow plugin for user flow creation.
  • Additional option to embed flowcharts in Dropbox Paper.


Taking design to a whole new level is Miro; a digital whiteboard with ready-to-use diagramming and mapping tools, allowing you to brainstorm and proceed to create outstanding user flows, customer journey, flow charts, and much more. It’s quite a handy tool to let you collaborate on design flows with users, share each other’s work, edit and implement in real-time as well as offline.

Important Features

  • Ready-to-use widgets and components.
  • Frameworks and templates for a quick start.
  • A complete package of commenting and annotation tools.
  • Integrates with many other design tools such as Sketch, Slack, and more.


Claiming itself as the world’s first user flow and diagramming tools customized specifically for product designs. It works differently from many other digital design tools in a way that lets you work and sync even in offline mode. Overflow also offers integration with many other design platforms letting you merge your designs with the least effort.

Important Features

  • Customized and comprehensive flowchart elements.
  • Also, link design layers with app screens.
  • Allow style editing for balancing fonts, text size, and other features with design.
  • Different device skins.
  • Able to split primary user flow into its subcomponents and further divide them into the individual artboard.


Holding true to specifically being a flowcharting and workflow tool, Lucidchart lets you conveniently draw the shapes and style them the way you like as per the branding guidelines. With this, the tool also lets viewers follow the entire process for a more immersive and real-time presentation. Lucidchart comes with premium enterprise-grade features like converting CSV to the org chart, import OmniGraffle, Visio, and many others for easy enterprise and user management.

Important Features

  • Various style options for consistency between designs and user flows.
  • For neat and clean diagrams, there’s an option for smart lines.
  • For larger canvas, there’s an option to go full-screen.
  • Handy containers for task management and separating them.
  • Real-time annotation and commenting features to let you and others add notes.


As an online and open-source tool, Wireflow lets you create user flows without any Photoshop skills for maximum ease. In addition, it also offers users above a hundred built-in customized graphics. Like many other tools, Wireflow also allows real-time collaboration with users and friends to double up the speed and effort of creating and sharing amazing user flows in real-time.

Important Features

  • Allow designing project rooms/virtual chambers for better project management.
  • The simple and user-friendly tool with high-end essential features to ensure a sure win user flow design.


Works perfectly on both desktop devices as well as mobile, Timblee assists in developing user flow diagrams in the early stages of product development while eliminating the hassle of complex tools in between. On subscription, you’ll get a 14-day trial period. Many website design companies in Dubai, as well as worldwide, are using Timblee so that adds to the must-have factor.

Important Features

  • Convenient designing of the sitemaps.
  • Excellent for beginners because of the drag-and-drop canvas.
  • Real-time feedback on work without any restriction to have a Timblee account.

There’re many different UX tools and more are expected to surface as we move ahead in the year. For now, you can try out any of the tools listed above to create amazing user flows and take the winning.

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