How to Read Your Teen’s Text Messages Secretly?

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How to Read Your Teen’s Text Messages Secretly?

Do You Want to Read your Kid’s Phone Text Messages? 

Many parents are curious to know what sort of text messages their kids, especially teens, receive. In the world of catfishing and sexting, text message monitoring is necessary to secure children from online molesters and perverts.

There are multiple ways to read your teen’s text messages. The most convenient way is using a text message monitoring app or a mobile spy app.

How to Read Your Teen’s Text Messages Secretly?

Teenagers can’t leave their houses without cell phones. Texting friends and family itself is not a harmful activity. But too much texting can either make your child phone addict or invite cyber dangers in real life.

Today, it is typical among kids to use text acronyms for things they want to keep secret from their parents.

Text message monitoring is a big step that parents must take to ensure their kids’ safety in the digital and physical world. No matter how close your teen is to his/her friends, as a parent, you have the instinct to detect the bad apples from your child’s social circle.

So, is it really possible to read your kid’s text messages?

Yes, it is. And for that, we recommend the world premium SMS tracker app TheWiSpy.

In this article, we are going to mention how parents can utilize the incredible TWS app and monitor their kid’s text chats and other cell phone activities without much effort.

Let’s begin!

How to Monitor Text Messages with TheWiSpy App?

TheWiSpy is a mobile phone monitoring app capable of recording all cell phone activities in hidden mode. It allows you to monitor the recorded details without even touching the monitored device. When it comes to text message monitoring, TheWiSpy records every text message (sent, received, draft, deleted) of your kid’s device and provides you with a comprehensive report on text message activities. You can not only spy on text messages but also discover contacts who frequently text your teen.

Apart from text message tracking, TheWiSpy offers 20+ features that help parents monitor the online cyber activities of their children in complete secrecy.

So let’s first explore how you can read your kid’s text messages with the TheWiSpy app. In the later section, we will mention other robust spying features of TheWiSpy app to give you a better overview of this fantastic mobile spy app.

TheWiSpy Text Message Monitoring – A Steps-by-Step Guide:

Spying on text messages with TheWiSpy app is very easy. Here is the step-by-step guide to spy on the text messages of your teens with TheWiSpy app.

  • Step 1: Visit TWS’s official website Register yourself and purchase the right subscription.
  • Step 2: Get access to your target device and install the TWS app on it. Configure the app as well.
  • Step 3: Go to TheWiSpy control panel and log in to your registered ID. You can access the TWS dashboard from
  • Step 4: Once logged in to your TWS account, choose “messages” from the sidebar menu.
  • Step 5: Monitor text messages on your kid’s phone.

TheWiSpy app offers a live demo of the app on TWS official website. You can always test the demo TWS app, even before purchasing the license.

TheWiSpy app requires installation on the mobile or tablet you want to track. After which, the app allows you to track everything happening on your child’s phone/tablet. For TheWiSpy app installation, you must access your kid’s mobile phone or tablet for one time. It only requires a minimum of 5-minutes for the TWS app to get installed and configured on your target device.

TheWiSpy Mobile Monitoring App – What Can It Do?

TheWiSpy is a leading app popular for delivering top-notch cell phone monitoring and spying features. TheWiSpy app has not achieved much popularity out of thin air. It actually provides high-end functionality and seamless monitoring tools.

Here are the qualities that make TheWiSpy a premium software to track mobile devices.

High-End Compatibility:

TheWiSpy is a robust app designed to monitor Android devices. It is strongly compatible with Android cell phones and tablets. TheWiSpy can hack any Android device that runs the OS version of 4 or higher.


When it comes to pricing, TheWiSpy is the most affordable spy app in the online market. It provides its users with flexible subscription packages. The lightest subscription of the TWS app, known as the starter package, starts at only $9.99. While the basic subscription starting price is $19.99, and for premium packages, the pricing starts from $29.99.

No Rooting:

Unlike other Android monitoring spyware apps, TheWiSpy offers quality monitoring tools without rooting the target device. Rooting Android devices is a complicated process that might end in complete data loss. With TheWiSpy, there is no prerequisite of rooting the target Android device.

Hidden Spy App:

The TWS app is a hidden spy app. It means you can enjoy cell phone monitoring in stealth mode without letting your kids know. You can hide the TWS app icon, which makes monitoring your kids’ devices even easier.

TheWiSpy Quality Features:

Mobile spyware is nothing if it does not provide monitoring features that actually work. TheWiSpy features are one of a kind, enabling cell phone monitoring in real-time.

Here is the list of powerful features of TheWiSpy app:

  • Phone Call Recording
  • Text Message Spying
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Call Logs Monitoring
  • Contacts Monitoring
  • Multimedia Monitoring
  • Keylogging
  • Screen Recording
  • App Monitoring
  • Surround Recording
  • Camera Spying
  • And many others.

Cell phone monitoring has become common, especially in today’s technology-driven times. Parents are concerned about their kids’ digital diet, and we must appreciate their interests. Nothing can help us better than mobile monitoring software to save juveniles from harmful digital content.

Concluding Words

Sending and receiving text messages is a simple way to communicate. Kids perhaps misuse technology by indulging in cyber nuisance like bullying, sexting, catfishing, and so on. Modern parents know they can protect their children from cyber dangers by monitoring their text conversations. The use of text message monitoring apps is increasing with the increase in the rate of cyber hazards. TheWiSpy is a famous monitoring app for providing text message tracking features and other mobile surveillance tools in real-time.

So, when are you getting your TWS license?

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