How to Protect and Repair Microsoft Access 365 Database from Hoodoo

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How to Protect and Repair Microsoft Access 365 Database from Hoodoo

Thanks to the popularity of Microsoft Access, more and more users are getting acquainted with this application. Many of them are sure that Access from the Microsoft 365 pack represents something new that does not look similar to previous software versions. Unfortunately, Microsoft misled everybody again and released the same candy, but with a different color envelope. I would never disrespect the advantages of Microsoft Access. 

It is a useful application that could be helpful in many cases. At the same time, I wanted to see something different and exciting in the new Microsoft 365 pack, but I found only Microsoft’s unfettered greed and another license type, where you would pay more. I may be ready to pay more, but I should see an application that is new and improved. I looked at Access Microsoft 365, but I still do not understand what they did to improve it and why they will charge my card each month? Like before, Microsoft Access format corrupted databases that I can repair only with Recovery Toolbox for Access:—its issues even look similar to previous ones.

How to Protect and Repair Microsoft Access 365 Database from Hoodoo

Moreover, inbuilt options of Microsoft Access recovery have not changed as well. The case is that Microsoft offers an inbuilt data recovery engine that can be applied when an Access database is unopenable. However, the engine is inefficient; its developer did not improve the new Microsoft 365 pack process. I believe something should be improved because the cost of new office package ownership by subscription is higher than the habitual purchase of a lifetime license, but Microsoft says no, take it as it is.

Like before, the most reliable option to protect critical data is backup. If a more or less fresh backup is available, everything is more uncomplicated, and you can skip the rest of the article. Otherwise, let us consider together what is the best course of action.

Inbuilt Recovery Option of Access Microsoft 365

As I said, Microsoft offers its instrument for Microsoft Access file recovery; it works as follows:

  • Open the Microsoft Access program
  • Open the following menu: File – Info – Compact & Repair Database
  • Open a corrupted database and click ОК
  • Wait for the end of the session and make sure it completes without errors
  • Open a new session of Microsoft Access
  • Create a new database and open this tab: External data
  • Choose the option of DB import, provide required parameters, and click ОК

How to Protect and Repair Microsoft Access 365 Database from Hoodoo

Now, take the time to consider something. On the one hand, Microsoft Access represents a database, and it is used accordingly. On the other hand, if you have worked with another database, you will remember several diagnostic and recovery tools that can be applied to save data. These tools include detailed error logging options, flexible backup settings, and many other options needed to ensure data safety of virtually all possible problems. Sure, it can be too complicated for ordinary users, but it is Microsoft above all. 

Many clients trust this company too much. But, for no reason at all. Events show that Microsoft can only impress new names for old products and features. But what if they are woundy hungry? No problem, let us release the same Office product, name it, say, Microsoft 365, and simply sell it for a higher price, by subscription.

Are There Other Ways to Restore Access Microsoft 365 Database?

Sure! Fortunately, there are many ways to restore databases of Access format, and all of them do not relate to the Microsoft 365 developer. I am talking about 3rd party services. Above all things, I like Recovery Toolbox for Access This exact tool helped me at least, when others failed, they could not restore a sufficient amount of data. At the same time, do not expect some iron-clad success guarantees. It is not easy. Sure, if some database parts are destroyed, you cannot do anything with it, but maybe, it still has enough data to rebuild DB and keep on working with it? Do you need to understand how Recovery Toolbox for Access will work in your specific case? Can it restore a sufficient amount of data to proceed to work with DB? It’s easy to do it. The program is available for download in its free DEMO version, without limitations. However, the program is paid but sold under a fair price. If it is a problem for you, try to look for another solution. Maybe you can find one.

If you have doubts, just try it and make a decision later. There is no need to pay anything to evaluate the software’s efficiency. It offers the purchase of a license on the last step after you check everything and find that Recovery Toolbox for Access works.

You need to do the following:

  • Download Recovery Toolbox for Access from
  • Install the program on any computer using OS Windows
  • Start the program and choose a file of MS Access format for recovery

How to Protect and Repair Microsoft Access 365 Database from Hoodoo

  • Restore the file
  • Preview results and make conclusions

How to Protect and Repair Microsoft Access 365 Database from Hoodoo

  • Export data into a new database of MS Access format

How to Protect and Repair Microsoft Access 365 Database from Hoodoo

All of this sounds good, but there is a “nuance.” Data export to a new database is only possible after the program registration and requires a payment of a license fee.

How to Protect and Repair Microsoft Access 365 Database from Hoodoo

The usage of the free version is not limited. You can evaluate recovery options for as long as you need it. The sense of recovery evaluation is as follows: Recovery Toolbox for Access opens a copy of a corrupted database (without changing the original, that is important!) and analyzes the file. 
When the analysis finishes, the program displays results, i.e., successfully recovered items. Results are visible in a preview window, where users should decide whether they can proceed to work with tables. If yes, you need to purchase a license, which should be made once only and for the unlimited time of using the program.

What if I Will Never Need It Again?

Never say never! Anything can happen. Moreover, what if your colleagues need help, not you? In this case, there is no need to buy another license for Recovery Toolbox for Access. Feel free to share. Today you help someone, tomorrow he helps you—it is not 100% sure, but we need to hope for the best.

However, if you decide to save some money right now, you can. I am talking about an online service of Access Microsoft 365 recovery. It is priced cheaper, works from any device, and does not require a computer installation. The developer already installed Recovery Toolbox for Access on one of its servers. You only need to upload a corrupted file and wait for recovery. And of course, pay for the service. It works as follows:

How to Protect and Repair Microsoft Access 365 Database from Hoodoo

  • Choose a file of Access Microsoft 365 to upload
  • Provide the e-mail address and CAPTCHA
  • Pay for the recovery service

Download a Recovered File

Technically, it’s easy. You merely need to highlight what is necessary. Note, payment is only taken for a successful recovery. If it was unsuccessful, there is no need to pay anything. It works exactly like the offline version of Recovery Toolbox for Access. If there is no PC with Windows installed, or if you merely want to save some money, upload a corrupted database of MS Access format from any device and make appropriate decisions for the future. Indeed, most users rarely encounter such problems. If they experience issues, they begin to pay more attention, so their chances to see it again are not reduced to zero, but considerably decreased. 

So, why should you pay more? You can only pay for a one-time service, make corresponding conclusions, and become more careful, which means fewer dangers. Remember to think about backups more often, avoid stresses, and get more rest. It does not relate to MS Access files only. Other formats of the new Microsoft 365 office pack are also vulnerable. The good news is that Recovery Toolbox, Inc. can restore documents of all office applications of any version, and more! Try it and realize that it is much better than the inadequate recovery options suggested by Microsoft.

Moreover, it is safe. The program does not change input files when repairing. All actions are performed on your PC only. Nothing is sent anywhere.


We were waiting excitedly, but there is nothing new in Access Microsoft 365. No further options nor protection mechanisms that could make external data recovery services unnecessary. Despite a considerably increased cost of owning the office package, nothing is changed. I think that the developer did not modify anything in Recovery Toolbox for Access after the release of Microsoft 365. Furthermore, the developer was not supposed to make changes due to its cover change. The only time it makes sense to use the office by subscription is when you need these apps for specific terms, which are relatively limited. For example, to finish a project, to write a document, or to create a presentation. If you miss a deadline, Microsoft 365 ownership’s cost becomes more expensive than a permanent license. Do you genuinely need it?

Moreover, these guys want direct access to my bank card, which means they can charge any amount they need at any time. I would instead think about a permanent license. Alternatively, I would wait for the release of something more exciting and valuable, distributed by the same Microsoft subscription.

Various sharing and subscription services have become more and more popular all over the world: carsharing, coworking, flat sharing. Carsharing may make sense when your car is being repaired, but Microsoft 365 extended payments should not exist. I do not see any scenario where it is cheaper and more comfortable to use the subscription than the classic license. Do not use the office through subscription. It is better to install a free office pack, like OpenOffice. It is very specialized but free! Plus, it is compatible with all popular formats of office applications from Microsoft.

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