How to Get a Taxi Receipt

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How to Get a Taxi Receipt

A taxi receipt is a document that provides the taxi driver to the customer. This document is worked as proof that the passenger has paid the fare for the trip. Usually, the driver gives the receipt to the customer when they reach the destination.

Taxi receipts are not so familiar with people in every place. In certain places worldwide, especially in the UK, USA and some several cities in Europe and Canada, using taxi receipts is common. It is useful for people who go overseas for business purposes. You can also use a readymade taxi receipt template where the receipt is not available.

Why Do I Need a Taxi Receipt?

A taxi receipt works as an official document. In any kind of legal transaction, tax service, business documents, or registered taxi companies want to see these papers. If you work in a company where you need to go abroad randomly and use their local taxi, then a receipt will help you show your company’s expenditure. It is helpful for travel’s recompense.

In many places, the driver must give taxi receipts to their customers. But not all taxis provide receipts. Because not in all places the drivers must carry receipts. They can use a meter or a local rate.

When Will I Need a Taxi Receipt?

In many private transportation companies, it is essential to maintain receipts for both the driver and the passenger. Every transaction keeps data about date, destination, and cost in the receipt.

Some places offer a legal requirement to show receipts for prepaid taxi service. In the airport, railway stations they check it.

If you rent your private or personal transportation, you must need taxi receipts to ensure your legal transaction. This taxi receipt is not for only a taxi cab. Any type of vehicles like vans, motorbikes, or even auto-rickshaws requires to provide receipts.

A taxi receipt is an alternate option of payment receipt. You can show it as a record if you need it. The taxi drivers can keep their customer’s data like name, the amount they paid for the trip. The customers can use the receipts if they by any chance forget their baggage, phone, or other essential documents. From receipt, they can collect the driver’s name and mobile number. If any passenger wants to go on a trip with the driver, they can easily contact them. They can also recommend to others if someone feels so good and comfortable by the driver’s service.

Importance of a Taxi Receipt for a Driver

It is so important for taxi drivers to track all the places and earned money every day. It would be hard to maintain it without any documents. Some transaction companies require drivers to give records every day and some other monthly. If the drivers keep the receipt, it makes their work easier. Even if a taxi driver doesn’t need to show a receipt, they can use it to account for their income. If any customer forgets to take their belongings, the driver can inform them of the contact information that is put in the receipt.

When you are traveling to different places, you may found some charitable organizations. Those organizations do different social activities. If you like those activities, you can be a valid contributor to them by donating a small amount. Besides giving you validation, they will provide you a donation receipt with official written confirmation.

How to Get a Taxi Receipt

If you work in a ride-sharing company, sometimes they provide taxi receipts to the drivers. But most of the time, the driver needs to maintain their receipt book. It’s not a driver’s job to make their receipt book. A driver can use handwritten paper with essential information, but that does not look professional. On the other hand, when a customer visits a place where the taxi driver does not provide a receipt, but the customer needs one, then the customer must carry a receipt book for their purpose.

Use Taxi Receipt Templates

For the taxi receipt, using a receipt template is the best option. A taxi receipt may look like a simple paper, but it needed to be made with proper information and needed data. These taxi receipt templates are made for both taxi driver and customer uses and easy to understand. You can easily make it for your own by filling the blank receipt templates. Edit and add your information to give a professional look that suits you and your business.

Where to Get Taxi Receipt Template

Creating a receipt is not so difficult, but you can make the work easier. Download a taxi receipt template from the internet, which goes with your business. You will get so many free downloadable receipt templates on the internet. Make sure you pick a well-formatted template. As you need to edit the template, don’t forget to download a fully customizable and printable template.

After downloading a template, edit it as you need. If you make it as a taxi driver, add your company name, logo, address, name, phone number, and cab number. Or if you download the template for a business trip, you can use it under your company’s information. Provide your business company name, address, and phone number. For personal use, add your name and phone number. You can also add your digital signature to give a professional look.

If you can’t edit or add the information yourself, you can take help from a template designer. They can help you to make it professional and give you a look as you wanted. Just provide them all information that you want to add in the blank receipt template. After finishing your edit, you can print it from your computer by using a printer. If you don’t have any printer machine, you can print it from a printing shop and get your taxi receipt ready to use.

General Contents of a Taxi Receipt Format

You may get confused by seeing several template formats. But most of the templates are formatted with some common information. A taxi receipt template should include the following information:

  • Name of the Taxi Company: The receipt must have the name of the taxi company. All companies have a valid logo. It should add the logo of the company.
  • Address of the Company: Company’s full address is essential to add in the taxi receipt.
  • The company’s Contact Number: The contact number is a piece of important information for the taxi receipt. For any kind of contact in the future is needed, phone or mobile number would be the easiest way to get in touch.
  • Date: This date is shown when the trip is made.
  • Time: Include the actual period of the trip.
  • Pickup Address: Add detailed information about the pickup address.
  • Destination Address: Add the full address of the location where the taxi driver drops the passenger.
  • Driver’s Name and ID Number: Enter the full name and their ID number.
  • Cab Number: Include the registration number of the cab’s number plate.
  • Fare: Enter the amount of fare which the driver will charge the customer for the trip.
  • Total: If any extra cost is included except taxi fare, add the total amount here.
  • Passenger’s Name and Signature: The customers add their full name and give signature here.

A taxi receipt is an essential document for a taxi driver. Though not in all places, a taxi driver needs to maintain a receipt. But the taxi receipt helps to prove that the customer paid the fare and helps to get information about the driver and customer, which helps for further needs.

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