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The Rise in the Number of Mobile Users is the Reason for the Popularity of Responsive Web Design

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The Rise in the Number of Mobile Users is the Reason for the Popularity of Responsive Web Design

Mobile websites are the order of the day because the number of mobile users has overtaken desktop users, and most internet searches happen from mobile devices. Businesses must ensure that the website is easily accessible and well displayed on mobile devices with full functionalities so that users have the best experience. To achieve the goal, all websites must adopt the responsive design, which has become the mainstay of Seattle web design

Gone are the days of creating separate websites for mobile devices and desktops as responsive design has changed the concept, and now only one website created with responsive design can meet the requirements of all users. Responsive design helps to create websites that display on all screen sizes with the same ease and allow website owners to reach out to the largest section of the audience comprising of mobile users.

Design Websites for Mobile Devices First

With a focus on mobile device users, it is only natural that web designers are now taking a mobile-first approach by designing websites for mobile devices that display well on desktops too. This approach works well because it addresses all usability concerns of mobile users arising from the lack of screen real estate; hence it is more practical to focus on mobile users when designing websites. 

Starting with mobile devices in mind has another advantage because it is easier to scale up the design to make it compatible for desktop than doing it the other way. Focusing on mobile devices makes it easy to understand what is necessary to satisfy functional and visual needs.

Ask Questions

When using responsive design, you would face several questions, and finding answers to these questions will enrich your journey and lead to more effective website design. Designers must question the necessity of the functions and features that you are contemplating so that you can work out a minimalist route of designing, which is alter scalable for meeting the desktop needs. 

Designers focus on the website’s primary objective to understand the extent of visual elements that would be useful in achieving the objective. They also consider how fast the visuals would load on the website because it must support and enhance the website speed to meet the user expectations of fast loading websites.

Focus on the User Objectives

After determining the necessary features and functionalities of the website that can help to attain the website goals, designers start working on the secondary objectives as user flows, CTAs, micro-interactions, etc. that help to achieve the objectives. By focusing on the primary objectives, removing unwanted friction obstructs the way for achieving the primary and secondary objectives. If it is an e-commerce site with the primary intention of buying and selling products, there should not be any conflict with the secondary objective of signing up for the newsletter.

Responsive web design is more than the website aesthetics and includes the functionalities as well as the kind of feeling that the website generates among users. All design parameters chosen by designers must complement website speed because it becomes a differentiating factor in website performance.

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