5 Simple Ways to Read Private WhatsApp Messages

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5 Simple Ways to Read Private WhatsApp Messages

Oftentimes situations arise when you want to feel more secure in your relationship with your loved ones. Situations in which you are unsure of your partner’s faithfulness or to see who your children are in contact with. Since WhatsApp is the prime medium of communication these days, ways on how to read someone’s WhatsApp messages suddenly becomes a priority.

In this brief review we will give you different ways on how you can keep tabs on peoples WhatsApp conversations and interactions. Given below are some of the best apps that have this feature including Minspy.

5 Simple Ways to Read Private WhatsApp Messages

1. Minspy

There are many apps that offer ways to monitor WhatsApp conversations. We will start off with Minspy because we feel this is the best in the market of spywares at this time. Minspy gives its users a large number of ways to keep track of a cell phone’s activity.

Monitoring WhatsApp private conversations as well as group conversations. Being able to view the pictures and videos shared in these chats. Being privy to the cell phone numbers as well as profile pictures of the people that are in contact with the phone you are monitoring.

5 Simple Ways to Read Private WhatsApp Messages

One of the best features of Minspy is that in its endeavor to be able to read the target phones WhatsApp activity it does not require any root or jailbreak. Due to this the warranty of the targeted phone is not at jeopardy during the monitoring.

As another plus point this app is entirely legal. Many app reviewing websites such as PCMag or TechRadar have rated Minspy very highly in their review of Minspy.

Here are Some of the Prominent Features of Minspy:

  • WhatsApp chat monitoring
  • WhatsApp media file’s monitoring
  • Stealth mode
  • Tracking of SIM or GPS location of mobile
  • GeoFence feature for alerts on travel beyond limits
  • Call logs
  • And many more

How to Read Private WhatsApp messages with the Use of Minspy

Step 1

You start off by visiting the Minspy website. Once on the website you give all the required details and make your Minspy account. Pay the sum of money that goes with your preferred package. And your Minspy account is made just like that.

5 Simple Ways to Read Private WhatsApp Messages

Step 2

  • For Android Devices: Once your Minspy account is made, you now have to download a file of only 2MB on the Android device you want to monitor. This has to be downloaded on the cell phone you want to spy on.

5 Simple Ways to Read Private WhatsApp Messages

  • For Apple iOS devices: For an iPhone the process is even simpler. You need to have the details of the cloud storage of the iPhone you are going to spy on. Just correspond the Minspy account with the cloud storage and you are in.

5 Simple Ways to Read Private WhatsApp Messages

Step 3

Now, when you want to spy on your target’s WhatsApp conversations or you want to see who they are in contact with all you have to do is login on your Minspy account. This can be done on any browser. You can also keep your anonymity thanks to the stealth feature of Minspy.

5 Simple Ways to Read Private WhatsApp Messages

Keeping tabs on WhatsApp chats and call logs, as well as the pictures and videos shared to and from while being free of any risk of discovery. All the while being extremely easy to use. Minspy is truly one of the best in the spyware department.

5 Simple Ways to Read Private WhatsApp Messages

2. Spyier

Another app in this category that is very efficient is Spyier. It is available for use in more than 100 countries. Spyier is one of Minspy’s top competitor’s atm

5 Simple Ways to Read Private WhatsApp Messages

Like Minspy, Spyier also gives users the ability to observe WhatsApp activity such as chats, call logs, documents or media files received and sent. As well as the contact numbers the targeted phone is in contact with. Spyier is also 100% legal and does not use any root or jailbreak.

This is one of the most convenient to use apps of this time. With just a few clicks you are able to see all the WhatsApp activity of the phone you are spying on.

3. Spyine

Spyine is also a top of the line app when you look to spy on someone’s WhatsApp interactions. One of the key features of Spyine is its extremely user-friendly settings and priority on customer satisfaction.

5 Simple Ways to Read Private WhatsApp Messages

Like Minspy, all you need to do to use Spyine is make an account. For that you need to give the required details. Pay the designated amount. Start your monitoring of either an Android or an iOS device.

The results of Spyine like Minspy are extremely reliable and with its focus being on making the app as convenient for all types of people to use, it is no wonder why this app is so highly rated and trusted.

4. Spyic

Spyic is somewhat older than the previously mentioned apps. It is also efficient on monitoring both Android and iOS devices. Spyic makes it possible for you to read private WhatsApp messages as well as tracking the location of the targeted cell phone.

5 Simple Ways to Read Private WhatsApp Messages

It can track a cell phone through its GPS location or SIM card. Spyic can also show you WhatsApp activity without any root or jailbreak hence without wasting the warranty of the device you are spying on. It also puts very little strain on the battery of the target mobile.

In stealth mode, the app conceals its presence in the target mobile and also protects your own anonymity while spying. Reliable results are expected when using this well known app.

5. Cocospy

Cocospy is one of the first spywares to ever be introduced in the world of technology. It is also one of the best. Through the test of time it has maintained its reputation as one of the best spying apps with authentic results becoming a regularity.

While new apps have been constantly brought forth in the market, Cocospy has retained its spot as one of the best no matter what new app has wished to overthrow it. It is safe to say it is highly trusted and has positive reviews from some of the biggest app reviewing sites such as Digital Trends, PCMag and Neatspy.

5 Simple Ways to Read Private WhatsApp Messages

Cocospy offers a wide variety of spying options to its users. Such as access WhatsApp private chats and group chats. Location tracking and social media activity like Facebook, WhatsApp etc.


As you can see all of the apps, we have mentioned have quite similar features and their procedures are also quite similar. None of them require any root or jailbreak to access private WhatsApp messages and are completely legal. They also help protect the user’s anonymity.

When searching for ways on how to read private WhatsApp messages all of these apps are a sure-fire way to help you in your endeavor.No matter which app you end up choosing, reliable results are guaranteed.

However, at this point in time we believe Minspy is at the top in the spyware category. In our brief review of Minspy, we have given all the features that make Minspy the best.

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