Udyr Jungle Guide for the Platinum League

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Once you get Udyr, the skin will instantly draw some positive attention. You try it out in a few different scenarios and you fall in love with it. It feels perfect and you feel like you could take it to another level. But then, you try Udyr in the jungle and your whole system falls apart. You try different ideas and techniques, but nothing seems to work.

The truth is Udyr is actually great in the jungle – you just need to reveal its secrets. This Udyr jungle guide for the Platinum League should give you all the details you need to improve your game.

Different Options When Playing Udyr

Start with a full clear. Basically, you will start from scratch and redesign the skin as you want it. At this point, you have a few different options.

For example, you can get at Red, Golems, Scuttle, Raptors, Wolves, Blue and Gromp. Start into a gank if you want or simply choose to reset. Get yourself the Hunter’s Talisman to forget about mana regeneration problems, and then go for another reset. Some ganks may provide better items as you reset.

Another option for a clear reset involves going to Red, Golems and Scuttle. Go into a gank and enjoy. In most situations, you will face an easy battle there, so you can get a quick kill. You are almost impossible to notice when coming with a gank. Besides, Udyr is excellent with a combo based on the Tiger Stance and the Bear Stance.

Options to Play in The Mid Game

The mid game is a bit different. Pay attention to the counters for Udyr and focus on advancing. At this point, there are more options to play, depending on how you like it. You can opt for a catch style, but it can also be a team fight. A split push is not to be overlooked either.

Catching enemies is a common solution for beginners. It is not that hard. Besides, it is relatively safe. You can come up with a big lead for yourself and your team. The next step involves getting into team fighting. At this point, you have a big lead, so you will be impossible to stop.

If split pushing is your thing, you might need to come up with a Zz Rot Portal. It brings in a bit of extra pressure.

Options to Play in the Late Game

Udyr is not the best champion when it comes to the late game, but it is not impossible to run either. You will need to work harder though. For instance, he tends to fall off when he gets kited. Plus, it will be difficult to get onto people because they have some items as well.

It might be wise to be a CC bot. You can also try to protect your carries, but this alternative could be more challenging. Feel free to go for a straight tank build too. You will come up with more damage, but the pressure will be higher too.

What other options do you have? You can go split pushing too, but you can also catch random players in the side lanes.

The bottom line, this Udyr jungle guide for the Platinum League should give you some hints about how to play this champion. It can be easy at times and it can become quite difficult every now and then. He is fun to play though and he has good ranks, a high damage burst, and turn potential. On a negative note, his kit is not the best and he can get kited without too much hassle.​

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