Free VPNs are No Longer the Risk They Used to Be

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Free VPNs are No Longer the Risk They Used to Be

Who doesn’t love to browse the web to find the latest information, get entertained and simply connect with friends and co-workers? Thanks to the massive reach of the web and the availability of gadgets, getting online and enjoying the perks that come with it has been made easier. 

Unfortunately, there are ‘costs’ involved when browsing the web. Whether we like it or not, the websites that we visit often track our online activities including the information that we seek, and the time spent online. And in some cases, it can be troubling. 
Just imagine the amount and kind of information that website operators and owners can get from a single visit on the website. If you are not careful, your personal information may end up in the hands of unscrupulous website owners. 
Good thing there is a solution to this concern- the Virtual Private Network or VPN. Simply put, a VPN acts as a privacy tool that allows a user to access the internet in a private manner. It helps hide the true location of the device used, and the system creates that impression that the internet activity is coming from a separate network. 
This system can be likened like a firewall online, allowing a user to enjoy browsing online without the need to be identified and profiled.

Safety Depends on The Chosen VPN

This privacy tool is known to protect users and obscure the true location of the activities, but it can come at a cost. If you are not too careful in your choice of a free VPN to help you in the browsing activities, you will end up with more problems. 

According to a study conducted by the University of Berkeley together with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), the University of New South Wales of Australia, VPNs can cause troubles too if you are not careful in choosing which one to use. 
Of the dozens of free VPNs that are readily available on the apps store, a majority of these are unsafe, and will even bring compromise your personal information instead of protecting it.

One of the common complaints that are thrown against these free apps and services is the presence of malware. Based on the survey that has been conducted, it was found out that more than 38 percent of all surveyed tools contain malware that can compromise the personal information and details of the users. 

Some of these tools also lack the recommended encryption, even though this feature has been heavily advertised. In short, if you are not careful in choosing your free VPN, you will end up surrendering your online privacy on a silver platter.

Choose Based On Your Needs, And Technology Offered

There are dozens of free VPNs that are advertised on Google Play Store, and there’s a big chance that you will pick the wrong one. With a long list of options, it would be best to try a few tools before sticking with the best. 

One of the criteria that you can use in your search for a free VPN is ease-of-use- is the tool easy to understand, and terms are easy to follow? 
It is also best to compare and contrast the top service providers online so you can easily distinguish which ones offer the best service and protection. For example, vpnmentor recommend Tunnelbear, thanks to 24/7/365 customer support, availability in 20++ countries, has a VPN kill switch and supports Open VPN.

Given a choice, watch out for providers that use the OpenVPN. Experts and heavy internet users agree that this is a tested standard, and this is a viable and tested alternative to the older PPTP. If your list of options only features the PPTP, or you do not have the capability to verify the kind of protocol used, then that should serve as a red flag for you. 

When choosing for your free VPN provider, it is also critical that you know a thing or two about the background of the company, and the kind of information that they collect. The best free VPN provider is one that will remain true to its promises that they will not collect or track the logs of user activities. 
It can also help your cause to be safe if you know where the company or provider is located. In today’s changing the online landscape, the location of the service provider will have a say on data retention.

Gone are the days that free VPNs can cause so many troubles. Today, you can protect your online browsing activities and still feel safe, thanks to truly competent VPNs. To avoid the risk that comes with browsing, make sure that you are aware of the technology that comes with the service. It also helps if you know a thing or two about corporate information, location, and customer support.

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