Big Screen Gaming On The Video Wall

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Big Screen Gaming On The Video Wall
Video walls were mostly found in control rooms, stadiums, airports, and other large public places. They are used to enhance visual effects, relaying information on a massive scale, and for captivating customers or guests. Nowadays, they can be found in the homes of some dedicated video gamers all over the world, for the purpose of big-screen gaming.

Just like the video game industry continues to advance and evolve, so do the various industries that support the video game experience. All types of equipment and tools needed for gaming from controllers, headsets, and chairs, to the screens used to game, continue to experience upgrades. These upgrades delight the players, make the gaming experience more enjoyable, and further develop the industry. This is part of the reason why gaming and video walls have come together. A single big screen may seem like the best option for gaming today, but video walls are quickly changing that.

Originally, video wall displays were projected onto the screens from an array of projectors. These days, a video wall consists of an array of thin, LCD displays or LED rear-projection and RGB laser rear-projection. In the future, according to MyTechDecisions, consumers can expect video walls to be built with LED or OLED displays. 

Where Video Walls Are Used?

Video walls are mainly used in industries like the security industry which requires the constant display of multiple cameras, but that is also changing as many independent businesses are becoming more interested in adding them to their offices for different purposes. One of these purposes is creating a unique and memorable experience for guests or customers. Another reason an independent business might want a video wall is for displaying information in the common areas, lounge, or waiting areas.
Lastly, video walls can be set up in conference and meeting rooms to make communication and comparisons between staff and ideas as seamless as can be.

Multiple Sources Can Be Shown On One Wall 

A video wall can display input from different sources simultaneously, proving multiple sources and types of information and they can simply enhance and maximize one very important message. Video walls are large, bright, unique, and still not as common in some industries, so they work great at capturing the attention of customers and making the message being sent to them more memorable. This feature may be the biggest benefit of gaming on a video wall.

Ideal For Dashboards 

The same feature that makes video walls quite popular among businesses that require a lot of information to be shown or displayed at once, is the same feature that makes them a perfect tool for command rooms, control rooms, and businesses where visual content needs to be compared side by side. This feature makes the video wall handy for gamers also.

Video Games Are Major Entertainers & Large Market

In its early years, video games were a commodity that only the rich could afford even though they were nowhere near as entertaining and interactive as they are today. Thanks to the popularization of in-home gaming by brands like Atari and multiplayer gaming with games like Pong the industry slowly bloomed. Soon after came computer gaming, online gaming, mobile gaming, and as described by Tech Crunch, video games have turned into a major form of entertainment.

Video games in one of the main industries today, bringing over nine billion dollars in 2015. In today’s modern age of gaming, the addition of video walls creates a perfect combination to enhance the gaming experience in every way, from quality in screen picture to bettering the quality of the game itself. Having multiple screens can make a player better at certain games and it can also increase response time, not to mention hand-eye coordination.

How Video Walls Are Created?

A video wall multi-screen set up can be created from computer monitors or television sets tiled or overlapped together to form a large screen. Such screens contain the hardware necessary to create a daisy chain power connection to send command signals between screens like powering all screens on the video wall on or off while still being able to work on individual screens if say the brightness or colors of that screen needed to be adjusted or changed.
Purchasing a video wall from a major retailer like Planar and Barco gives you the benefit that those screens are specifically designed with narrow bezels, minimizing the gap between active display areas, therefore creating a much nicer visual effect that will surely impress anyone that sees it from video game players to customers.

The cost for these products, however, ranges between two thousand dollars and ten thousand dollars. That is money that average gamer does not have sitting around as there is not much money to be made playing video games which are the main disadvantage of purchasing a video wall versus making one yourself with equipment you may have laying around. In a recent sixteen-nine web article, DIY video wall was noted as one of the top ten video wall trends of the year. We can expect to see big screen gaming added to that list soon since although video walls are not as affordable, they make big screen gaming better, no doubt about that.

Still, there are some challenges that DIY video walls present that name brand video walls like LG, Samsung, and Barco would not mainly in their functionality and durability. The brands mentioned make the better built, more expensive, better-designed option and there is undoubtedly value in that making them the choice that all gamers will want, especially if they have experienced big-screen gaming on a video wall at all.

 Though most gamers have not experience video walls personally, they are aware of this growing trend since avid gamers on Youtube and other platforms are aiding in this product gaining traction and popularity within the gaming community.


There is the hope and almost a guarantee that as the popularity of video walls in gaming continues to increase, the prices of video walls will decrease, bringing them into even more homes worldwide. Perhaps after video walls conquer the gaming industry, they will be noticed by regular television watchers since this experience can also be enhanced by video walls.

Big screen gaming on the video wall is an improved gaming experience that will soon become the way to go for all gamers. Everyone that has tried video walls for gaming agrees that once you game on a video wall, you do not go back. The future of big-screen gaming is the video wall for reasons that go beyond their improved technology. Video walls are the future because gamers are making it the future.

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