8 Warning Signs That Show Your Smartphone Has Been Hacked

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Smartphones are in no way less than computers that allow you to do multitasking even when you’re on the go. The device also holds a large amount of secretive and confidential data along with your emails and texts.

Thus, it is important that you keep your device safe from the hackers and take instant action if you find your phone has been breached. But, how can you find out whether your phone has been compromised or not?

Here are some reasons which may alert you that your smartphone has been hacked:

Your Phone Seems Slower Than Previous

If malware is running in the background, it will affect the performance of a legit application on the smartphone. It is crucial to realize that updates to an OS of the device can often cause to a decreased performance of the phone. So, if you have just upgraded your phone, do not panic. Similarly, if the memory of the phone is full it may work sluggishly.

Your Phone Is Receiving And Sending Weird Messages

If your contacts report receiving messages which you haven’t sent, something is wrong. Similarly, if you see strange messages coming on your phone, then your phone has been breached.

New Applications Are Installed And Surely You Haven’t Done It

If you see new apps appearing on the phone, go for a Google search on the apps and see what do the apps actually do. Malware in the phone could breach the security system of the phone and steal your data and record your messages and phone calls, hack your social media accounts and online banking passcodes. So, keeping a check on the apps getting installed on their own is a must.

The Battery Of Your Phone Drains Faster Than Before

When an extra code is running in the background like malware which is continuously monitoring and capturing screenshots, then the battery discharges very quickly.

Your Phone Gets Heated Faster

With malware running the background constantly, it is obvious that the phone will get hotter than before

Web Sites Do Not Appear Similar Like Before

If your phone is infected, then someone is proxying on your gadget – i.e. using your internet and browser and relaying the interaction between them. It may affect the way in which how some sites appear.

Few Apps Will Stop Functioning Well

If the apps that worked perfectly well stop working all of a sudden, then it is a sign of malware interference or proxying.

Pop-ups Appear On Your Phone

Just like desktops, some smartphone malware generates popup windows enquiring to perform several actions. If you see frequent pop-ups, get alerted!

Smartphones are quite expensive and it is your responsibility to install a good anti-virus program for it. Changing phones frequently could land you in debt. Or a treachery in your smartphone could lead to a hack of your bank account and eventually fraudulent.

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