Top Android Wear Apps For You In 2017

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Top Android Wear Apps For You In 2017

If you have an Android smartwatch, then you should just fill it with the best Android wear applications available. Google Play Store constantly keeps on adding new apps to its Play Store so that you can choose the one that fits you best. 

Here is a list of top choices of apps that you can download in your Android Wear Device

Relieving you from the worries of using Google Maps for road directions from your smartwatch, Citymapper gives you the luxury to navigate to locations you have specified in the app. It can help you track any complicated trip already set in the app. So, you no longer have to take out your phone after every 20ft and check whether you have skipped a turn or not.

Runtastic Pro

A perfectly designed, easy to understand running application for morning walkers and joggers who don’t like trifling on their phone! The feature is simple and eradicates the complication of dedicated jogging watches. Specs comprise of one-tap functionality, start and stop facility with voice command and easy time, speed, distance and calorie chart.

It is one of the most important apps of Android Operating System. Android Pay can be installed in smartwatch after checking its compatibility with the watch. One needs NFC on the watch to use it. And, with just one tap on the watch, you can make a payment to anyone, anywhere. You do not have to deal with cash now.

Though the name would appear complicated, it just means “If This Then That”. The app allows you to link your Channels like Instagram, Gmail, Facebook etc. Like, if you make a setting that whenever you like an Instagram photo, it will immediately save to the Google Drive. This way you can get alerts straightaway from your smartwatch.

An amazingly famous cycling application, Strava is loved by keen cyclists. All you have to do is wear your watch and allow it to function like a cycle computer providing details about how long have to ride, what is your speed etc.

You know the rules, swipe right to like and left to let go. Well, Tinder and Android wear are a perfect match now. All you need to do is say “Start Tinder” to begin swiping, sending messages, checking out profiles from your wrist.

Whether you wish to use a personal Gmail account or professional Gmail account, but you need to set the app on your watch to ensure that you get all your emails on time. Now you no longer need to take out your phone every time it buzzes.

With advancement in technology, you have so many apps. Android smartwatch itself is a great discovery costing a lot of bucks. People swipe credit cards to purchase all sorts of gadgets and expensive devices. However, this craziness could lead to credit card debt. Credit card debt can be resolved with credit card debt consolidation but you need to ensure that you choose a reliable and reputed company. 

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