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The Hottest Web Design Trends that Put Your Business Ahead of the Competition

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The Hottest Web Design Trends that Put Your Business Ahead of the Competition

Each year, there are more and more new trends and techniques taking center stage. Whether you’re looking at videos, material interfaces, vertical patterns or create layouts, the following popular ideas can help you make the most out of the hottest concepts and put you at the head of the competition.

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Creative Layout

Most businesses follow the concept of inspiring and unusual designs to capture the attention of their customers. Artistic layout designs have moved in and replaced the grid styles. Whether it’s because the design catches the eyes of a younger audience such as millennials, it’s a brand that many are adopting. Your layout may rely on layout animations that make it seem like your visitors are traveling through varied routes on your site, almost similar to that of a slide show.

Reduce or Eliminate Drop Downs

Your business may have the most trusted product, but your site is far too cluttered with navigational menus. Users have gotten very used to scrolling down on large full-fold displays that create a bold look.

The objective here is threefold

  • Faster load times (great for SEO)
  • Users quickly find the one or two statements they originally searched (reduces bounce rate)
  • Eliminates confusion of “where to go next”

Web designers like the style because it provides the business owner with a functional and clean look to their site. To see a good use of flat design, with multiple CTA points of interest while avoiding drop-downs, be sure to check out the E-commerce logistics company.

Flat Web Design

Known for its minimalistic approach to the web, the flat design typically features crisp edges, vibrant colors, open space and illustrations that appear flat. Microsoft was a leading innovator behind the design and popular options such as Windows 8 showed users its advancements. But because flat web designs lack ornamental elements, its style is far from humdrum. You can easily grab someone’s attention through popping background buttons and colorful illustrations.

Tell a Story

One of the most exciting trends in web design is the ability to tell a good story. Everyone has a memory of something memorable that happened in their lives. Visitors to your website are sure to love your tales and will probably visit for long periods of time if you make the stories interesting and relatable.

Room to Roam

Research has found that when content is presented in a better light, users found the format to be airy and easier to comprehend than heavy and dense designs. When putting together your website, leave room for space by taking into account what you actually need. You can leave the filler and fluff out of your web drama.

Background Images

They say that the right picture can paint a thousand words. When you’re looking to design an online presence, it’s no different. Photography that is stunning and beautiful will never get old. If you want to capture the attention of visitors who congregate to your site, post high-quality photos that are attractive. To ensure fast loading time and high-quality images, make sure the photos are optimized. You can also break up the monotony of your content with moving images or cinematography.

Similar to other artistic fields, web design trends quickly come and go. Although some of the hottest styles apply to certain types of audiences, there are still a few from the past that is popular and making the rounds. But you have to remember to use them in the correct setting. For those looking to stay on the cutting edge of their own web design, you’ll find the above suggestions a great way to breeze past your competition.

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