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Best Apache Maven Book for Developers
Want to learn apache maven? Picking a good book may give you a comprehensive understanding of this popular project and build management project. Maven is a highly popular open source project for maintaining Java project dependencies. Thousands of project on GitHub use maven as the build system.

Maven can be broadly defined as project management and comprehension tool which offers developers a complete build and lifecycle framework. As Maven software uses the default build lifecycle and a standard directory layout, the development teams can quickly provide the automation for the project’s build infrastructure.

This automation tool is used primarily for Java projects. If there are multiple development team environments, Maven can provide set-up the method quickly as per the standards. The use of Maven makes the task of developers very easy as the set-ups of most projects are simple when he or she is building and testing automation, creating checks and reports.

There are a plethora of Maven Books and online tutorials, we are listing the names of a few of the best books available:

Maven, The Definitive Guide

Maven, The Definitive Guide
(By: Jason Van Zyl )

This official documentation provides a clear explanation about how this tool streamlines the software development projects. Nowadays, Maven is largely replacing Ant as it is also a project management tool which runs various reports, has the ability to generate project websites and streamline communication among various members of the team. This guide provides complete information regarding Maven. Among the ideal books on Maven, it will also help you manage the development projects for various enterprise applications, web applications, and software.

Maven: The Complete Reference – Online Version

This book is offered by the Sonatype team for developers who want to study the software and build automation software for companies

Although Maven is one of the most popular building tools for software, there is no single book which provides complete information and serves as both an introduction and authoritative reference. This Apache Maven book introduces Maven through practical examples and contains detailed information on Maven Command Line Options as well as COM syntax and project dependencies. 
It also contains unique chapters on how to install Maven on Mac OS-X using MacPorts.
The book has been written by a team of expert authors.
This Amazing maven books is also available in a PDF format to download. 

Apache Maven 2 Effective Implementation

This book is primarily aimed at Java developers who want, to begin with, Apache Maven. This Maven beginners PDF will help you with building automation in your company in details, from the installation of Apache Maven to completing the project and running it on your computer. The book also offers a comprehensive example of building a simple software project.

Apache Maven 3 Cookbook

The Apache 3 Maven Cookbook is a Maven tutorial PDF which contains a collection of step-by-step collection of solutions for everyone including individual programmers, managers, and teams to explore Apache Maven and implement the solutions. The author of this book is a passionate freelance programmer with 8 years of experience in the industry. The book also provides basic information about Apache Maven and how to use it for the implementation of software engineering in any project.

Maven By Example

This Maven ebook offers an introduction to Maven software such as how it can be used to build required automation. Chapters on how to install Maven, a step by step guide on creating simple Maven projects, and also chapters for advanced users such as multi-module Enterprise Project handling make this book a must-have for Maven enthusiasts.

Comprehensive Introduction To Apache Maven

This Maven tutorial PDF book serves as a guide for Apache Maven which helps to understand how to develop simple web applications and multi-mode projects. It also provides a thorough introduction to Apache Maven as well as the functioning and creation of various simple web applications and projects for the developers.

Maven is one of the most common software for java projects which is being increasingly used by developers all over the world. The scope of Maven projects ranges from building simple web applications to creating extensive and complex software projects. Here, we offered you a lowdown on some of the best Books on Maven which will help you to understand essential Maven programming concepts and also help you build advanced projects in the future.

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