Tunesgo Multiple Device Management Software For Mac

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Tunesgo Mac Review

Today, as more and more people use their smartphones for personal and professional life, the need to store this data in any other device for safety purpose continues to increase at a fast rate.

One of the best options in this regard is to use software that enables the user to transfer any type of file from the mobile phone to desktop or laptop. However, with different OS platforms, it becomes difficult to synchronize the computers and mobile phones.

With this software (Tunesgo), it has become easy for users as this software can manage both Android and iPhone platforms seamlessly.

Not only that, this software offers a beautiful, sophisticated, and user-friendly interface that can be navigated very easily by a person who does not have much idea about the latest software.

In addition, this software also has many interesting features that are required and appreciated by the user who would like to save his accumulated database, whether it is phone numbers, files, photos or video in the cloud. Some of the key features of this software are as follows

Transfer Files

This software can be used to transfer files from Pc to iPhone very easily. Unlike iTunes this software has no limitation for file transfer on various file types.

Backup And Recovery Features

Even if you own the latest model of smartphone, it is, after all, an electronic device and is prone to the loss of valuable database and wonderful memories in form of photos due to any issue. At such time, the Backup and recovery features assume an important role. With this need in mind, the backup and recovery features include the latest technology that is available in the market.

Music And Video Management Features

Recording, uploading, sending and the listening or watching music and videos on the smartphone has become a common leisure-time activity for most of the people across the world. However, with increasing number of videos and music files, they have to delete them to make space for new ones. By transferring old files on computer with this software asap, you retain the ability to enjoy them anytime and anywhere.

Photos Management Features

The first smile of the child, or the moment when he or he first tries to stand or walk is infinitely precious for his or her parents. Today with advanced smartphones, it has become easy to make wonderful memories by immortalizing those precious moments for the life. Today, with this software, it has become very easy to keep them safe by transferring these memories in safe storage.

Contacts Management Features

Contact management is one of the most important features of this software as without this information any person cannot function in any case. The software provides the latest contact management that prevents the duplication and keeps a person’s connection to the world in a very good condition.

Message Management Features

As more and more people rely on their smartphone for personal and professional functions, the messages play an important role in their life. With message management feature, this software enables the user to save and retrieve them when required in future.

Apps Management Features

With increasing numbers of apps on any smartphone screen, the information that is available in these apps becomes an essential part of the user’s database. With this issue in mind, the software also offers the latest app management to the users whether os is android or apple.

File Explorer Feature

With an internet connection, file sharing has become a common norm where even the confidential files are shared and stored. With this software, a user can download the required file and delete the rest so as to keep the space empty for future downloads.

Toolbox With More Features

Tunesgo Toolbox With More Features

This software not only offers the above features in latest versions, but there are many, many more such features that are located in their toolbox and can be used as required.

With an increase in the use of various types of smartphones, there is a need in the market for a software that runs on different platforms such Mac or Android. This software fills up a much-needed chasm for the users who use different smartphone operating systems for sending, receiving and viewing their personal or professional data.

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