15+ Best Node.js IDE’s

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List of Best Node.js IDE’s

Developed by Ryan Dani in 2009, Node.js can be described as an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment that is being increasingly used for the development of diverse applications and tools.

Although it is not a JavaScript framework, most of its basic modules are written in Javascript. This is due to the fact that this runtime environment uses Google’s V8 JavaScript engine for the interpretation of JavaScript.

The Node is used in various corporate environments all over the world such as Yahoo, Cisco Systems, Groupon, and GoDaddy. It is due to the fact that Node offers an efficient environment and speeds up development when it collaborates with a single IDE that also has a graphical user interface.

Moreover, it offers various features such as computing, authoring, deploying and debugging software code.

Cloud 9

 Best Node.js IDE’s Cloud 9
This IDE offers a free and cloud-based technology that collaborates with different technologies such as Node.js, Meteor, and others for supporting the application development. If you want a powerful online code editor that enables you to run, write and debug the code, this is the best choice for you.


 Best Node.js IDE’s CodEnvy
When developing the software application, this IDE is the best choice as it offers cloud-based technology for JavaScript and other languages. This is due to the fact that these workspaces contain runtimes and projects and makes its portable. These workspaces are shareable with different types of team privacy controls that can be installed anywhere.

Intellij Idea

  Best Node.js IDE’s Intellij Idea
If you want to develop a web application with any popular technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, Angular.js, or Node.js, this is the best choice for you. For enabling the best features of this IDE, you would require a Node.js plugin. After that, you can various features of this IDE such as code assistance, syntax highlighting, and code completion among the others.


 Best Node.js IDE’s Webstorm
This is one of the most popular JavaScript IDE that offers development of the server-side software with Node.js. Some of the best features of this IDE include navigation, code completion, safe and automated refactorings among the other features. In addition, you can also use VCS, terminals, debuggers and other software tools during your work.

Visual Studio Code

 Best Node.js IDE’s Visual studio code for node.js
An established player in the market, this IDE becomes more efficient with the addition of Node.js for the software development. The text editor of the IDE enables the user to review diffs, makes commits, and debugs the programs. In addition, you can also attach it to your apps and debug them with breakpoints, an interactive console and call stacks.

Netbeans With NodeJS Plugin

When you require support for Node.js, the best choice for you is Net beans. With a quick installation of Node.js, you edit execute command for the development of the software program in various options. The IDE offers various features such as text highlighters, debugging code and code assistance among the others.


CodeLite Node.js IDE for developers
An open source, cross-platform free IDE, CodeLite specializes in PHP, C, C++ as well as JavaScript among the other programming languages and it is also the best choice for the users who work on all types of major platforms. This is due to the fact that this IDE runs on Linux, Windows, and OSX.


When you want to test your entire web application in a single environment, this IDE is the best choice for you. As the IDE supports all the latest browser technology specs such as Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, Rails and Python among the others you can use it for your work anywhere and anytime.


A cross-platform IDE, this IDE supports some major programming languages such as Javascript, PHP, Ruby and Node.js among the others. Some of the major features of this IDE include the creation of custom configurations, running commands, using shortcuts and tracking changes. It also offers some innovative features such as markdown viewer, graphical debugging, multiple selections, language icons, and code intelligence.


Koding IDE can be used for Node.js and Javascript programming
An open-source, cloud-based IDE, this software enables the development of the applications by using Ruby, PHP, and Node.js, and more. It also offers various features to the user such as keyboard shortcuts, auto indenting, workspace, collapsible panes, code preview and code folding among the others.

Eclipse For Node JS “Nod Eclipse & Enide

This cloud-based IDE is very popular among the programmers who use PHP, Java, Node.js and more for the purpose of web development. The varied features of this IDE can be easily accessed by using Node.js plugin. Some of the best features include syntax highlighter, and workspace among the others.


A cloud-based free IDE for Windows platform, this IDE uses Node.js for web development. It also offers various features such as built-in templates, built-in templates, and its publication to the cloud. Further, this IDE also offers built-in Node.js templates for web and website application development by using O Auth, routing, and Express among the others.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text can be used for Node.js and Javascript programming

A customized UI toolkit, this IDE offers a powerful text editor for markup, prose, and code. Some of the features offered by this IDE include multiple selection options, project switching, and split editing By using shortcuts the user can send his cursor to words, lines and symbols. The user can also manipulate the files as the faster speed by renaming variables.


ATOM IDE can be used for Node.js and Javascript programming
If you want to find an IDE with a modern code completion features, this IDE or text editor is the best choice for you. The user can get this software tool very easily online. The iDE is also pre-installed with eight syntax themes, four UI, and can be customized in an easy manner. An open-source application, this IDE is built with Node.js, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML integration. When you build a cross-platform app by using popular web technologies, this IDE runs on the Electron Framework.


If you want to install an open-source IDE that is related to Adobe systems this is the best choice for you. An advanced text editor, this text editor offer extensive features such as command line integration, code folding, preprocessor support, live code previewing, and inline editing. This IDE also functions as an adobe extension that enables you to extract every type of design information from any PSD file such as fonts, gradients, measurements and colors among the others and turn it into the CSS.

Honorable Mentions

Below are some editors that are general purpose editors and many people still like to use them since they are light weight. 


A notepad replacement, this is a free source code editor that support various languages. The use of this IDE is governed by GPL License, and it runs in the MS Windows environment. Based on Scintilla, a powerful editing component, this IDE is written in C++ and use pure Win 32 STL and API. Due to this software, it ensures a smaller program size and a higher execution speed. It is also eco-friendly as it optimizes as many as routines as possible in minimum time with losing its speed.


Based on Apple software, this IDE brings the approach of Apple to its operating system to the text editor world. By combining the features of GUI and Unix underpinnings, this IDE offers the best things from the both worlds to novice users as well as the expert scripters.

Developing a software application is not an easy work;for optimal development, the programmer requires right hardware and software tools. The markup and production of code are a hard work and for this cumbersome task, a text editor is the best choice.

This is due to the fact that for any software application development process, it is necessary to have control over the code. To work with speed and accuracy, many programmers require an efficient debugging and code editing tools. This is the main reason why options for Node.js IDE’s or integrated development environment have been conceptualized.

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