Top 10 Apps For Caring Parents

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10  Best Apps For Caring Parents

Parenting is a very special mission that you have to take carefully. It is a job that you cannot do half-heartedly. Nowadays, we have some helpers in the form of mobile applications that make the job a bit easier. Parents who care about raising good and kind kids can benefit from the following.

Chore Monster 

You probably want to discipline your kids from the early age so that they clean their mess and help you around the house. However, many kids are not so thrilled about such responsibilities. Chore Monster can make the whole process a bit easier. Kids get rewarded by points and by different treats such as sweets, an hour of playing games, etc. (whatever you choose).

Download: iOSAndroid

Mom Maps

Mom Maps is a great tool to search for kid-friendly places. You probably don’t want to take your kids to a restaurant when smoking is allowed, to a museum with high (aka boring) art, to a park where young people drink beer, etc. The app shows you the places where you can take your children and not be afraid of those things. Besides, parents can write reviews on every place listed there, so you can read about actual experience. 

Download: iOS

Baby Pack & Go

Packing baby things when you go out or go traveling is not the most exciting chore. There are so many things to bring and details to take into account. Often you forget something and have to come back because your baby cannot do without it. Baby Pack & Go has different ready-make lists of things you need to take for your baby or toddler. Besides, you can create your own lists or expand the existing ones. 

Download: iOS 

Baby Shusher

Babies cry a lot, it is a fact. And sometimes it is so great to have a magic stick that can simply shush them. Baby Shusher can be this very stick for you. The app plays the sound similar to one that babies hear in the womb. It calms them down and helps them fall asleep faster. The sound plays automatically when a baby starts crying. When the baby cries louder, the sound is louder, as well, and vice versa.

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Kids bring you a lot of “art” during school. Of course, you appreciate all that and tell your kids they are beyond talented. However, stashing all those things in your home can be quite inconvenient. Artkive creates a cover book where you can put all of your children’s work in chronological order. So, your fridge can look clean and shiny now and basement can be freed a little bit. Besides, you will always be ready to show your kids’ masterpieces to friends.

Download: iOS, Android

Pumpic Mobile Monitoring

Caring parents always know where their kids are. Of course it is not possible to watch them 24/7, that is why a tracking app can be very useful. Such apps send you your kids’ location in real life, so you always know whether they are at school and whether they get back home safe. Apart from that, you can monitor their online activities and make sure they are not cyberbullied. 

Download: Android

Cozy Family Organizer

When you become a parent, there are so many new things that you have to do. Regular calendars and organizers are fine but not always reliable. Cozy Family Organizer offers you many options including a calendar, family journal, different to-do and shopping lists. The cool thing is that you get one account and share it with all the family members so that everyone can edit it and add new events or lists.

Download: iOSAndroid

My Kid’s Health

Of course you think that you are a perfect parent and you will always remember your kid’s blood type, all the allergies, all the diseases and doctor appointments. It is not always so. And what if you have more than one kid? It is easy to confuse their medical history. Even if you remember everything well, it is still nice to have some backup. My Kid’s Health is a great way to store such information from the very birth of your child. 

Download: iOS

Home Budget

Budgeting app is a must for a family. You need to make sure you are not overspending yet buying everything you need for your kids. The app shows you all of your expenses so that you can analyze them. You can set a certain budget and try to stick to it. The app can be very helpful for parents. 

Download: iOS

Hopefully, you can find something for you among these apps. Good luck!

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