18 JavaScript Graph Visualization Libraries

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Get visual representation of a complex graph using these JS libraries

With continuous advance in Internet technology, the web master requires simple tools to enable the publication of data visualization through web browsers on various platforms. As the user-interface requires a lot of visualization for unleashing the full potential, along with another programming, JavaScript is rapidly becoming popular with programmers for interactive visualization that is embedded in the websites. There are many graph visualization library JavaScript ready for use that is faster, flexible and reliable. Some of the best available for users are described below:


Developed by a Dutch research firm, this library is programmed to operate on a large number of desktops as well as mobile browsers, including full touch support. In addition to that, this library supports various edge or network graphs, 2D as well as 3D charts and auto-clustering


Developed via NIH grants, this interactive library has been written in pure JS and is highly optimized for users. It’s fully compatible with all Internet browsers as well as platforms such as mobile and desktop.

The JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit

Jit or JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit can be broadly described as a multi-purpose, interactive graph drawing and layout framework that offers easily accessed tools for interactive Data Visualization for the Internet. The toolkit has various advanced features such as TreeMaps and Hyperbolic Trees.


D3.js can be broadly defined as the JavaScript Library that can be used for manipulation of documents based on data. It enables the user to utilize full capabilities of the Internet browser without any collaboration, with any proprietary framework with powerful combination of visual components as well as data-driven approach.

Plotly’s JS

Plotly’s is one of the comprehensive suites that offer data collaboration as well as visualization tools for software engineers. The main function of this library is to make scientific graphing in any browser.


Sigma.js is one of most lightweight yet powerful Graph Visualization Library JavaScript that is widely used for drawing graphs. With this library, it is easy to publicize the network on the Internet as it becomes easy to integrate the latest features of network exploration in any web application.


Built with jsPlumb, the open-source project combines many years of experience about how to build any application quickly. It offers various features such as declarative connectivity, based on various standards and allows the seamless integration of mobile devices. Furthermore, it also offers advanced UI features that are required for quick building of any application.


Springy can be defined as the force that is directed to graph layout algorithms. Furthermore, this library uses real physics for improvement in the network graph’s appearance. This is a small but simple library that offers a platform for graph manipulation as well as calculation of the layout.


Sister project of the widely known Processing visual programming language, this library has been designed for Internet browsers. This library enables the user to use various features such as digital art, data visualization, educational graphs, interactive animations, video games and so on without the requirement of any plug-in.

JS Graph It

This library offers easy programming with drag and drop boxes that are connected by straight lines. One of the most simple and minimal programs, this library offers a simple auto layout of lines.

RaphaelJS’s Graffle

One of the most simple and interactive Libraries, it offers the best examples of any generic multi-purpose vector drawing library. However, there is one drawback as it is unable to layout automatic nodes.

JointJS Core

Developed by David Durman, this Graph Visualization Library is mainly used in creation of a fully interactive application as well as diagramming tools or static diagrams as per requirement.


This is mainly a charting library that is written in pure JavaScript language. Based on SVG, the library also supports older browsers.


This is a feature-rich library that enables users to implement various interactive diagrams across the platforms as well as web browsers. The construction of complex node diagrams becomes very easy with customized layouts and templates.

YFiles For HTML

This commercial library offers various advanced features such as UI controls that can be used for viewing as well as editing unequaled layout algorithms as well as diagrams with one click.


This is one of the leading commercial libraries that offer full support to all Internet browsers across platforms, including older browsers.


This is one of the best network visualization toolkits that enable the user to understand the connections, patterns as well as trends that are obscure or hidden.

Data Visualization Software Lab

This is one of the best commercial visualization libraries that offer high performance, fast speed across all platforms and touch interface devices.

Hope you find these libraries useful for analyzing complex graphs.

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