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Welcome to FromDev.com,

I am Sachin, a Electronics graduate, Web Developer & Linux user, who likes to share software knowledge with world.

I started taking interest in programming from 1996 when I was studying FORTRAN in my college curriculum. After few years I tried Pascal and then C & C++ and finally started my professional career in Java as a Web Application Developer. I started learning Hadoop in 2010 and got my Cloudera Certified Hadoop Developer certificate in December 2010.

I am passionate about software and consider myself a learner. I try to grab all possible opportunities for getting more knowledge. I believe that continuous learning is key for continued success in any field.

The purpose of this blog is to create a place where I can share my day to day experiences with other developers and try to be of some help to them.

I am always willing to help you out – If you have any questions about web development or need some help with anything related, I’ll try to do everything in my reach to help you. Don’t worry, I am not looking for any sort of financial compensation.

In past few years, I have made many mistakes in my blog posts & have learned a lot from my blog readers. Therefore, I seriously try to work on feedback, if you have any suggestions or comments about this blog please feel free to mention it in the comments section below or respective posts.

I am a sports lover and like outdoor sports a lot, my sports interests includes Soccer, Cricket, Table Tennis(Ping-Pong) and Tennis.


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