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Welcome to FromDev.com,

I am Sachin, a Electronics graduate, Web Developer & Linux user, who likes to share software knowledge with world.

I started taking interest in programming from 1996 when I was studying FORTRAN in my college curriculum. After few years I tried Pascal and then C & C++ and finally started my professional career in Java as a Web Application Developer. I started learning Hadoop in 2010 and got my Cloudera Certified Hadoop Developer certificate in December 2010.

I am passionate about software and consider myself a learner. I try to grab all possible opportunities for getting more knowledge. I believe that continuous learning is key for continued success in any field.

The purpose of this blog is to create a place where I can share my day to day experiences with other developers and try to be of some help to them.

I am always willing to help you out – If you have any questions about web development or need some help with anything related, I’ll try to do everything in my reach to help you. Don’t worry, I am not looking for any sort of financial compensation.

In past few years, I have made many mistakes in my blog posts & have learned a lot from my blog readers. Therefore, I seriously try to work on feedback, if you have any suggestions or comments about this blog please feel free to mention it in the comments section below or respective posts.

I am a sports lover and like outdoor sports a lot, my sports interests includes Soccer, Cricket, Table Tennis(Ping-Pong) and Tennis.

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  1. Hi Sachin,
    How are you?
    I really like your blog..very helpful. After reading articles, I found many articles worth printing. But, it was a lot of pain to copy articles in MS Word and then print. Can you please provide some feature using which users can print only the article? OR can you please suggest any less-painful alternative for achieving the same?


  2. Thanks for taking time to comment. Printing a web page is always complicated due to the margins and browser settings. I would recommend you to use a online site to PDF converter e.g. (http://pdfmyurl.com/). This site can convert any URL to a PDF format and then you can download it to your computer. PDF printing is always predictable so you will see better output as compared to browser printing.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Hi Sachin..
    I am 2011 graduated in Electronics background , I started using the Hadoop on my system. I want attempt the Cloudera Hadoop Developer certification, i am not taking any Cloudera's training, Would you tell me Some Resources to attempt the Exam...

    Your blog is fabulous


    1. Jai, thanks for stopping by my blog. Cloudera certification is focused on hadoop ecosystem. You may want to go through the online documentation and have a look at the thinking at scale slides by cloudera. The cetification can be tricky without looking at the training material. See if someone has those.


  4. Hey Sachin,

    God bless you brother.


  5. this is a decent tutorial which gives clear idea about the basics of collection framework. i would like to get some complex examples for each collection APIs. that woud be great...


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