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SuperCoder: A SuperAGI Agent Template for Coding Projects

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SuperCoder is an agent template configured in SuperAGI that can write simple coding projects.

You just give an objective of the project and it would write the specs, unit tests, and code. You can run it along with the action console to give feedback at every step or even use it with other SuperAGI tools such as Google SERP, Dall-E, or GitHub tool.

Configuring SuperCoder

  • Navigate to the Marketplace
  • Install the SuperCoder template
  • Create a new agent using the SuperCoder template

SuperCoder Features

  • Specs Tool: SuperCoder leverages the Specs tool to create in-depth project specifications, breaking down high-level requirements into detailed, actionable project specs
  • Unit Testing: SuperCoder executes unit tests for the code it generates, having a Test-Driven Development (TDD) approach and ensuring error handling
  • Multilingual Code Generation: SuperCoder is capable of generating code across multiple files in any given language
  • Google SERP Tool Integration: SuperCoder utilizes the Google SERP tool which enables the agent to examine open-source code, access relevant tutorials, and gather the necessary information for effective code generation

    Building a simple Personal Finance Calculator using SuperCoder Agent in SuperAGI

Future Plans for SuperCoder

  • Database Dependencies: The ability to create and integrate database dependencies, essential for building CRUD applications such as a micro CRM
  • Iterative Code Improvement: The agent will use multiple iterations to iteratively refine the code
  • Direct Code Execution: Integration with platforms like Replit or Netlify for direct code execution
  • Runtime Error Management: Improved handling of runtime errors for supported local languages, ensuring the error handling of the final output
  • GitHub Tool Integration: Direct connection with SuperAGI‚Äôs GitHub tool for repository creation and code push
  • Codebase Refactoring: SuperCoder will have the ability to connect to an existing GitHub repository for existing codebase refactoring and improvement

Some projects created using SuperCoder

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