How Many Times Have They Talked About your Product on Social Media?

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How Many Times Have They Talked About your Product on Social Media?

You know how advertising is a big deal. But what if I told you that it doesn’t even matter where you advertise anymore? That’s right, people want to be in the know and see all sorts of ads when they’re scrolling through their Facebook feed or checking out their Instagram page. However, there are some things that work better than others when it comes to creating an ad campaign for your company.

Social Media has become the number one place where brands go to try and get people talking about them because so many people use these networks as a way of sharing information with their friends and followers. It’s important for businesses to understand what type of content gets shared more.

Social Media is the New Advertising Platform

Nowadays, more and more things are going digital. When it comes to something like social media, many people will admit that they don’t want to see your ads when they’re scrolling through their feeds on Facebook or Instagram. That’s where a lot of businesses make a mistake… They continue to post advertisements on users’ pages when all people really are annoyed about them.

People Only Want to Share Things That Are Interesting

So if you’re trying to get people talking about your company, it’s important to understand what kind of content will get shared the most. What do I mean by this? Well, take for example a social media post about your new product line… It won’t be able to stand out if you just post a simple image of your new collection with a short description saying that this is now available online. In order to impress people, you need to do something that will make them want to talk about it.

The Importance of Understanding what Type of Content Gets Shared on Social Media

There are millions of things that people post on Facebook every single day, but you have to understand that not everything gets shared. If your post is boring or if it’s something common for this platform, people will say ‘meh,’ swipe past it, and keep scrolling. But what type of posts do get shares?

It’s important to note that people tend to share things that are exciting, positive, and entertaining. In other words, they want something that will catch their eye and make them feel a certain way. If you can understand what type of posts get the most shares on social media, then you have a better chance at creating an ad campaign that will wow people.

There is no rule for what people share. It is impossible to call Twitter customer service and ask about it because most likely they do not know. It is a society that creates trends, and you need to be observant to catch them and fit into the frame.

So if you’re looking for a way to get your company’s name out there, it’s best to put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and ask yourself this question: what is it that I want to see on my social media feed?

Most brands know that if they want to be successful on social media, they need to create something that will become viral. Checking the newest trends online is the best way to aim the perfect approach.

Understanding What Doesn’t Get Shared on Social Media

This is equally important because understanding what type of posts don’t get shared is just as valuable. If there’s something that you want to create, but it doesn’t keep people talking about it, then you need to take a step back and think about why no one wants to see this on their feed. Could it be because your design is super simple, or because the slogan isn’t catchy?

What are Some Tips to Make Sure your Content is Getting Seen by as Many People as Possible

  • Check the newest trends online and try to add your narration to them.
  • It is uploaded in a file extension that is readable on mobile devices.
  • Take a look at successful campaigns of other brands and try to find common characteristics between them.
  • Involve the audience, simply ask them what they consider a good campaign.
  • Hold contests on social media to engage more people. And of course, make sure that your contests are exciting enough for people to share them with their friends!
  • Never underestimate social media – it’s one of the easiest ways for you to get your message out there and reach a bigger audience.
  • Use tools that will let you know about your audience preferences, measure your hashtag shares, and show you every mention of your company with sentiment attached to it.

How to Create an Effective Campaign with a Limited Budget

On social media, you can deal with things using your money and pay for PPC ads and banners, but you can also take a more creative approach and try to think outside the box. Cliché, but always experiment with things! This is your chance to make something that’s never been done before. You can jump into trends or jump out of them, you can try all sorts of different approaches until you find one that sticks. And everything above can be done without spending a dime on it, just creative people and knowledge about trends.


The next time you want to boost your social media campaign and make it stand out, keep the points above in mind. And don’t forget – if you want to be successful with your ads, make sure to tap into the potential of the most powerful advertising platform… Social media!

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