5 Reasons You Need a Dedicated Phone Number (or Two) for Your Small Business

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5 Reasons You Need a Dedicated Phone Number (or Two) for Your Small Business

If you’ve launched a small business recently, you’re probably deep in the trenches of business licensing, budgeting, and hiring. While you’re setting yourself up for success, you should strongly consider getting one or more dedicated business phone numbers. Though they might seem outdated in today’s digital world, they are still surprisingly relevant — even phone technology has kept up with the times. Here are five reasons that you should take the time to find business numbers and acquire some for your organization.

Relevant Technology

One major reason to consider getting a business number is simply that it’s a great tool for your business, with a very affordable price tag. Although in the past it was necessary to purchase a separate phone line and potentially expensive equipment, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology allows a phone call to happen over the internet, which makes it much less expensive and much easier to install. Particularly in a small business where expenses may be tighter, this is a distinct advantage over former technology, with no sacrifice of quality.

Professional Appearance

Although a phone number might seem like a minor detail, it can actually help legitimize your business and make it appear more professional to customers. A dedicated number shows that your business is the real deal, and may set it apart from businesses that only offer connection through email or online chat. In addition, a registered business phone number will also make your business appear more professional when making outgoing calls — potential partners or clients with certain types of caller ID will easily be able to identify who is calling when they see your name come up on their phone screen.

Connection to Customers

When customers can reach you at any time, they may feel more connected to your business and more loyal to your brand. Since VoIP allows for multi-ring (i.e. ringing multiple phones at once), it’s also more likely that customers will be able to reach your business easily. In addition, features like call monitoring and recording, transferring, and forwarding are a cinch with VoIP technology, making the customer service experience smoother and more positive.

Competitive Edge

Business numbers help make your business relevant to your customers, especially if you serve a particular region. In particular, VoIP numbers also allow your business to have both local and toll-free numbers, making your business more accessible to your client base, even if your office is located in a different area code (or a different country) than your service area; this can be particularly important in the case of international business, where a foreign phone number might make your business unreachable to some customers. 

VoIP numbers have another distinct advantage in that they allow customers to reach your business even if you’re traveling for extending periods of time — you can simply take your VoIP phone with you and remain connected to your clients regardless of where you are in the world.

Separate Work and Personal Life

When operating a small business, it can be challenging to set boundaries between working hours and personal hours. A dedicated business number helps make that possible. By ensuring that all work calls come through to a separate business line, you can set office hours and stick to them by allowing after-hours calls to go to voicemail. You can have peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to screen each call that comes through your personal phone.

Business phone numbers make sense for even the smallest of businesses. They can improve your business’ image, set you apart from the competition, and keep you connected with your customers with ease. With all these advantages and such a low price tag, they are a very accessible tool for an organization of any size.

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