4 Major Benefits of Video for Small Business Marketing in the 2020s

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4 Major Benefits of Video for Small Business Marketing in the 2020s

Video is not a new marketing invention. It goes back to the early days of television where a product could be plugged in either a formal thirty-second TV commercial spot, or live when a variety show host would famously announce, “And now, a word from our sponsor.” But these days, we’re not watching television nearly as much as we’re watching videos brought to us online by social media apps and/or video apps like

YouTube and even Instagram and Facebook Stories. What makes the video so effective these days, is that it’s not only possible to get the word out about your product and/or service to thousands if not millions of potential consumers, it’s that you can do so for a mere fraction of what it once cost to produce a television commercial. Further proof of the power of video is the many video marketing services, such as Vidyard’s Enterprise Video Platform, and others like it, that are growing in popularity among small business owners. states that in the early days of television, producing TV commercials was an expensive endeavor that very few if any small businesses could even think of affording. All that changed with the invention of the internet and social media marketing platforms. These days, small businesses from bakeries to eBook writers take advantage of the power of video marketing to promote their brands and do so without breaking their budgets.

So what are the major benefits of video marketing for your small business? Here’s 4 of them:

Video Will Enhance Your Small Business Online Ranking

Says, video marketing on mega-platforms like YouTube and Facebook will automatically increase your company’s website ranking. While YouTube is highly optimized since it’s the largest search engine next to Google, your video has a great chance of being seen by a potential audience. Video marketing gives your brand both a voice and a face. Easy to watch, memorable short videos allow consumers to rapidly digest your particular message. It takes only a few seconds to reach a huge audience for relatively little money.

However, suppose you think outside the box. In that case, you can reach more people by transcribing video to text and allowing people who prefer reading, or people with disabilities, to enjoy your content in a different format. For that situation, ideally, you should prepare a separate section on your website.

Make Passive Income from Your Small Business Videos

While it only makes sense that you will have to pay for making videos, it might surprise you to know that you can make videos pay yourself. If you hire a service to make a great small business video that caters to your audience, and you show it enough, you will eventually be paid for the number of views you receive. Once the views and likes begin to increase exponentially, video-sharing platforms might offer you money for your video content. You can also court sponsors for your videos. What all this means is, your videos will be working for your small business by creating a passive income.

Video Will Build Confidence in Your Small Business

Video marketing will not only boost your sales (if done correctly), it will build trust and confidence in your brand. According to, when consumers trust your brand and establish real faith in your products and services, they will be very comfortable with coming back to purchase again and again. Video’s role is to create a personal relationship with your target audience by providing them with a face, a voice, and a personality they can come to trust over the long haul.

Video Marketing will Increase Your Social Media Following and Engagement

There are around 5.2 billion mobile phone users on the planet. Many of these users are actively engaged in some kind of social media. Popular and powerful social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are eagerly sought out by marketing professionals to promote their products and overall brands. 

The algorithms for these platforms are programmed to recognize the most-watched videos and at the same time, suggest similar videos for users who might also be small business owners. With video marketing improving your social media engagement it will help you construct a wider and wider audience. This audience will come to consume your videos on a daily basis, further strengthening your online presence, and ultimately, selling lots of your products/services.

If you’ve started a small business and you are actively trying to get the word out about your unique brand, you can write some short Tweets or Facebook posts, or you can pen some blogs and/or micro-blogs, or you can even post photos of yourself along with the product. But nothing engages the potential consumer more than a professionally produced video by a company that understands your marketing team along with its goals both short and long term.

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