5 Subscription Billing Solutions Fit for Any Business

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5 Subscription Billing Solutions Fit for Any Business

If you’ve decided a subscription billing model is right for your business, we’ve listed some of the best solutions in 2020.

Recurring billing software can cause a headache for even the most established businesses out there, especially when the metrics don’t match with what you were expecting.

To make your life a little easier and help your business run a little more efficiently, you should leverage existing solutions to optimize your billing system. But with so many options available, it can be tedious trying to find the perfect solution for your business. We’re here to help make your search a little easier.

MemberMouse – Good for Growth SaaS

If you have a WordPress-based business or you wish to build a WordPress page to showcase your subscription service, Memermouse is the way to go. You’ll have access to a WordPress plugin for the entire platform which assists with subscription management, product sales, and membership duration. Several built-in features make it user friendly and provide seamless integration.

WordPress powers a vast number of sites versus other web design platforms, so it’s surprising that other solutions haven’t been created with this platform in mind.

You can use Membermouse to start adding users within a matter of clicks.

Digital River – Good for Enterprise SaaS

Next up on our software list is a provider many businesses will know or have heard of. This Enterprise SaaS billing system offers the basic payment processing you’d expect, but they also have several other financial solutions available thanks to the efforts of solid software developers. Whether its financial reconciliation, risk management, tax compliance for many jurisdictions, or FX product capabilities, Digital River has it all.

Digital River is one of the more established platforms out there, and it’s no wonder they have such a solid reputation when stacked against other providers. The products available are simple to use for a variety of processes, and collaboration is seamless between finance, marketing, and commerce teams.

Vindicia – good for Enterprise SaaS

Our next subscription billing platform has done a great job to get their customers up and running with a breeze. There are various subscription cycle lengths, freemium models, and trial periods available as well as usage metering. Cashbox lets you define pricing over time to suit your business once you’ve drilled down to your target customers.

The biggest benefit of this platform is how flexible it is. The platform is highly customizable to meet individual needs for different enterprise levels. You can customize what each package includes, how and when customers get billed, and how usage is calculated for every type of billing. Test pricing and launch campaigns for each customer segment using the sales and marketing features available from Vindicia.

FastSpring – Good for Growth SaaS

It’ll take a business opting for FastSpring around a day to get up and running with the software. FastSpring is much more than payment and subscription management software as they offer payment page optimization, customization of the storefront, and back-office services to make it a full-stack service. FastSpring is an all-in-one solution for SaaS businesses.

The platform helps businesses create a fresh payment process that integrates with your web design to maintain a cohesive customer experience. Cosmetic pricing localization is automatically implemented, displaying the prices you set in the currency used by the customer visiting your site.

Intacct – Good for Enterprise SaaS

Our final subscription billing platform has the potential to replace the enterprise ERP of a business. Whether its revenue recognition, contract management, or financial reporting, Intacct can handle it all. Dashboards and reporting functions are all intuitive which makes the onboarding of new users pretty straightforward.

We hope you’ve found our subscription billing best picks useful, and we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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