A Comprehensive Mobile App Development Guide

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A Comprehensive Mobile App Development Guide

53% of the total web traffic across the globe comes from mobile devices. For a business, this translates to a reasonable motivation to have a working mobile app for your users for whatever phone they are using. A mobile app is convenient, easy, and gives you a much better chance to connect to your users directly.

So, if you want to get started with mobile app development but have no idea how to code, which developers to hire, or how to select what functionalities you need in your app, here’s a guide that will tell you how to pick a platform to run your mobile app on, and how to build it without any coding involved.

Should You Pick An Android Or Ios App?

Both iOS and Android have their own perks and limitations. However, you need to remember that you are trying to become an essential service for your users. Why cater to only one demographic and leave chances open for your competitors to sweep the other one? It will cost more to create both an iOS and android app, but it won’t cost you twice as much as a single app. You will have a lot of functionalities and design in common. You can work with custom app developers like to leverage your budget to the full potential.

Should You Create A Native App?

A native app is created specifically for an operating system. You can build an Android native app that will run much faster and much better on Android. You can also use these apps offline, which makes you even more valuable to your users.

If you are a cab or medical service, your users should be able to use the app anywhere without worrying about having a solid network connection. So, the benefit of the native app is undeniable and will give you a very strong hold on your customer base.

How To Build The App?

This is the main matter of the subject. If you don’t know how to code, it can be difficult to think that you can get a fully customized app with all the functionalities you need in the timeframe or budget you have.

However, customized app builders like give you a huge advantage when it comes to this dilemma. You just follow a simple wizard and pick your options, while the app builder customizes your requirements and gives you a prototype within 10 minutes – to see if that matches all your requirements.

You get the full benefit of having an app that your business needs, and also the added advantage to build on it and change it depending on how well the functionalities are working out for you or your users.

How do you do that? By following a few very simple steps.

  • What do You Need?

This can be a confusing question. You know you need a grocery store app, but you don’t know how you want your app to look and feel and operate like. Well, worry no more. You do know other grocery apps that work how you want your app to be. You can choose from a list of a pre-existing app whose functionality you like and make it your own.

  • What Functionalities do You Need?
Choosing the right app means picking functionalities that are highly needed. A grocery app is nothing without an inventory because your users will never know whether you have an item in stock.

If you are a medical app, you might need to show which medicines are over-the-counter and which are prescription-only. Well, you don’t have to worry about it right now. The app builder lets you drag and drop functionalities that fit your idea. And remember, it’s all customizable, and you are working on the prototype only for now. So any functionality you don’t like right now can be changed later on.

  • Choose Your Timeline, Speed, and Payment Methods

You are very close to the ideal app. The only thing left to select is the timeline of when you want the app to be completed and payment methods, and will get to work.

They will create a prototype that has everything you have asked for, and you can decide if it’s perfect as it is or add custom features to suit your needs.

The Wrap Up

As you can see, app builders like make the entire process of building an app easier, cheaper and faster. It is important to consider your goal while developing an app and ensure that it is in line with the expectations of your target market. Good luck!

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