How Universal DevOps Platforms Expedite Software Releases

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How Universal DevOps Platforms Expedite Software Releases

Universal DevOps platforms are essential resources to help developers of all knowledge levels expedite their software releases. Creating a sophisticated software program from scratch can be a complex, challenging process. DevOps has recently emerged as a strategic mindset or philosophy to accelerate software delivery. By combining the efforts of your development and operations resources, DevOps tools help you configure more efficient, secure, and reliable programs. 

In a DevOps mindset, your development team is responsible for planning, coding, building, and testing software projects. Operations teams, on the other hand, manage the release, deployment, operations, and monitoring of your created software projects. Read on to learn more about how universal DevOps platforms expedite software releases.

Universal Development Environment Integration

With universal DevOps platforms, software engineers can seamlessly integrate with any time of development environment. Universal integration with any environment helps streamline development procedures, improve your programming comfort, and boost the quality of your final product. Developing an efficient software program can be a complex, multi-platform process. 

When DevOps tools are not compatible with your preferred build platforms, you can greatly complicate the development process. To ensure expedited software delivery, the best DevOps platforms integrate directly with your project packages, continuous integration development servers, and tools. At the same time, these platforms can seamlessly integrate with your containers, deployment, and QA or QC resources to streamline development efficiency.

Organized Docker Registries

Universal DevOps platforms offer software engineers highly reliable, centralized Docker registries. Docker has emerged as one of the most efficient tools to create, control, and organize your software packages or containers. These solutions are enterprise ready and highly scalable to increase your program abilities. 

Once configured, you can use these resources to optimize your software builds, secure your registries, and take your Docker packages to production with confidence. Companies like JFrog offer an end-to-end solution covering the full lifecycle of your Docker registry allowing you to manage artifact control, development, vulnerability analysis, and eventually, distribution. Integrate a secure, artifactory Docker registry into your DevOps pipeline in order to greatly accelerate software delivery.

Cloud Development Services

Universal, end-to-end DevOps platforms offer software engineers of all levels sophisticated, cloud programming services. Cloud storage services are essential to enhance the portability, security, and transferability of your software program. For developers that are still wary of storing their projects on the cloud, there are still on-premise versions available. With on-premise versions however, you are often required to install, manage, and monitor your program by yourself. 

Cloud versions, on the other hand, provides automated management, maintenance, and infrastructure scalability. At the same time, cloud versions allow you to take advantage of automated server backups, as well as free updates. With these advanced, reliable features, developers at all stages of their project can guarantee streamlined software delivery.

Complete Software Lifecycle Management

Universal DevOps platforms deliver an end-to-end solution to manage your program across its entire lifecycle. Any developer will tell you that configuring a sophisticated software project is a complex, multi-stage process. DevOps platforms provide a solution to ensure success and reliability across each of these stages. 

Even better, many DevOps resources utilize artificial intelligence to deliver a fully automated distribution platform. Once properly equipped, these tools help you configure a sophisticated software program from code to production. To greatly expedite the speed of your software releases, be sure to integrate DevOps platforms to deliver an end-to-end development solution.

Enhanced Project Security

DevOps platforms provide comprehensive resources to significantly enhance security and compliance across your project. Complications arising from security or compliance can be detrimental to the speed, costs, and flexibility of your software program. Platforms offer a universal artifactory to organize, manage, and support all of your package types. 

These resources integrate DevSecOps tools into your artifactory, which is a security focused, continuous integration based software delivery philosophy. With these tools equipped, you can simplify procedures to avoid license compliance issues and program vulnerabilities. Once configured, you can greatly reduce open source software vulnerabilities. Integrate a universal DevOps platform in order to enhance project security across your software lifecycle.

Automated, universal DevOps platforms offer advanced resources to significantly accelerate your software delivery processes. Platforms are able to seamlessly integrate with any development environment to ensure seamless package, container, CI server, and deployment control. These resources allow you to access advanced, organized Docker registries. 

At the same time, you can access cloud development services through your installation of universal DevOps platforms. With DevOps solutions configured, you can easily manage your software across stages of development. Moreover, utilize DevOps platforms in order to significantly enhance your software project security and compliance. Consider the points mentioned above to learn more about how universal DevOps platforms expedite software releases.

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