10 Best Free PDF Editors in 2020

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10 Best Free PDF Editors in 2020

There are a lot of tools on the internet that are designed for personal and professional document manipulation in 2020. As a result, it can be difficult and even overwhelming to find the ones that are safe, free and simple to use, especially where PDF editing is concerned. 
This list of the 10 best free PDF editors available online should help make your life easier, as they will allow you to securely perform a variety of PDF creation and editing tasks with ease – without costing you a penny. We have evaluated the 10 best free pdf editors based on features, user experience, and correct outputs.

1. PDFSimpli

With PDFSimpli, an online PDF editor, you never have to worry about downloading questionable PDF editing software or paying for simple edits again. Create a free account to begin converting files, adding pages, images or text to your PDF documents and even signing important forms – all from your preferred web browser. You can even add eSignature lines to your PDF files with the PDFSimpli eSign Tool. If you need to upload from or save to a cloud storage service rather than your Mac or PC, you will be happy to learn that PDFSimpli supports all major cloud services.

2. Inkscape

Do you want to easily add and delete images in PDF files? Inkscape is one editor that allows you to do so. It works like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP Studio and also allows you to make changes to text or images if you need to, though it really shines in the adding and deleting departments.

3. Online OCR

If all you need to do is change a PDF to a text-based file, such as DOCX or TXT file, Online OCR can help. You can scan one page of a 5 MB or smaller PDF for free and download it as a simple text-only file with no images or other non-text details. This is a useful tool if you have been looking for a simple editor that supports OCR.

4. Smallpdf Online PDF Editor

Smallpdf Online PDF Editor allows you do to a variety of editing tasks with no watermarks and does not require account sign-up. You can edit up to two PDFs each hour for free on all operating systems.

5. FormSwift Free PDF Editor

If you want to highlight, add simple marks or insert images, FormSwift’s PDF editor can help. You can also type, draw or sign directly on the file. FormSwift even allows you to edit Word documents and image files.

6. HTML to PDF

If you want to convert a HTML web page to a PDF file to save on your computer, HTML to PDF lets you do so quickly and painlessly. Simply copy and paste your desired URL into the converter and download your new PDF document for local storage. You can even choose to save your file in Portrait or Landscape view.

7. PDFelement

If you are looking for OCR support or need iOS and Android availability in addition to Mac and PC, you should try PDFelement’s basic PDF editing tools. You will be able to download a watermarked version of your edited PDF for free in a matter of minutes.

8. PDF Compress

If you need to compress a PDF file, visit the PDF Compress website to upload your document. It will perform a variety of optimizations on your PDF to shrink it, allowing you to download a smaller version of the file that allows you to save space on your computer hard drive or while sending files over the internet. This is especially helpful if you have a lot of image-filled PDF files on your device that need to be compressed.

9. PDF Protect

If you need to quickly add passwords and other protective restrictions to a classified or otherwise sensitive PDF document, head to the PDF Protect website. You can upload your file from your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive, making it easy to protect your files on the go.

10. PDF Unlock

What if you need to unlock a PDF file’s permissions, rather than add them? As long as you have the passwords needed to do so, PDF Unlock can remove security restrictions from your PDF documents in seconds. If you regret adding restrictions or have been asked to remove them by another party, PDF Unlock is a great tool to do so with ease.

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