Top 5 Practical Steps You Should Take to Create a Game Like LoL

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Top 5 Practical Steps You Should Take to Create a Game Like LoL

Creating a game is obviously not an easy task and it is true that not anyone can do this. Still, if we think of League of Legends, we could say that this game didn’t take too much effort to be created. Its simplicity combined with the intensive competition propelled it to the top of the gaming industry in its genre, but are these really all the characteristics this game has?

There are specialized websites about this game, such as AussyElo, where you can order accounts and talk with other gamers about every aspect and secret of LoL. But what really made this game so successful that it became a world phenomenon? Can you create anything close to it? Let’s find out five practical steps that you should take in order to create a game like League of Legends. 


Keeping The Game Updated

The developer of League of Legends releases a patch almost every month in order to keep the game interesting. If it is a major patch, then it will impact the gameplay heavily, with big changes in the metagame. The patches also contain new champions that change the dynamics of the game due to their new skill sets and force players to adapt and try new strategies.

Make It Different

Although most of the games nowadays look similar, you can try to make it special. Of course, it will have similarities to other games of its genre, but you can work something out that can make your creation shine brighter than its opponents.

For example, League of Legends looks similar to DOTA 2, but the real difference between these two games is that LoL attracted the players with its entire new narrative, graphics, maps, and mechanics.


League of Legends is a 3vs3 or 5vs5 team game, and in this way, players are encouraged to play with gamers from all around the world. I believe this is the way LoL really became one of the most popular games ever. Therefore, make your game a team co-op in order to boost its popularity among players.


League of Legends gives its players the opportunity to play in the six-tiered ranking system that allows a player to pose a different rank, depending on his win-loss ratio. This system gives the players an objective to aspire to. So, if you want to create a game like LoL, then this is a feature to be taken into consideration.


There are numerous competitions developed for the LoL game. The winning team of a large championship can receive prizes of millions of dollars. There are also small regional competitions where the players can participate. So, you can try to make your game as competitive as possible so that it can become a global phenomenon that attracts lots of fans and cash.

So, these are the first tips you must take into consideration if you want to create a game like League of Legends. However, keep in mind that every game must be unique, so you should be very careful and creative if you really embark on such a journey.

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