How to Build Trust on Key Account Management Through Collaboration

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How to Build Trust on Key Account Management Through Collaboration

Defined as a complete relationship between the customers and your business, the main focus of the concept related to KAM or Key Account Management is the management of an account with long-term retention.

The main goal here is the development of the account’s potential as well as maximization of client revenue. But, the question is how an account director manages this feat of managing a complex relationship with a large account with a strategic approach. 
Many successful companies use a key account management software to ensure their most important customers get the attention they deserve. 
To accomplish this purpose successfully, we use an innovative approach that is widely known as radical openness. 
In this article, it is our purpose to explore this approach in a comprehensive manner. The first principle of this approach is to ensure transparency in communication.

Transparency In Communication

It is a fact that although an individual handles a small or medium account, a large account is invariably handled by a team and this team includes members of different departments in an organization.

Although you are ultimately responsible for the account as the account director, for updates, you are dependent on emails or what has been discussed during the meeting.

The emails or discussion does not give you full truth, just gives a partial truth of the current situation. Thus, it becomes difficult for you to adopt a proactive approach to managing the situation. That in turn, makes it difficult for you to take any kind of proactive action for the company as well as the customer.

Role Of Proactive Management In Enhancing The Relationship

The role of proactive management in an account is very important in enhancing the relationship. As the account director, it is your responsibility to see that an account is managed smoothly, and if there is an issue, you need to identify it at an early stage and find the solution in a proactive manner. However, the situation becomes even worse, when the first time you know about the issue is when your client calls you.

In such a situation, you have no option but to cover the damage and save your reputation, after all, as the account director, it is your responsibility to have full knowledge about their account and resolve the issues. So, the next question is whether you have any alternative and the answer is to embrace the radical openness approach.

Is There Any Alternative, If So, What Is It?

The best answer to this question is a radical alternative approach. With this approach, you can access all emails sent to and from your client, regardless of the identity of the sender. In addition, no one would have the authority to give you information as per their judgment or decision.

There would be no restriction upon you by what someone in your organization or team thinks or makes the decision about what you should know. With this approach, you can imagine a scenario where after keying in the pertinent words, the concerned emails would be flagged automatically and appear on your computer screen. How would these pro-active software tools affect or enhance the relationship with larger key accounts?

Building Trust

With all information at your fingers, you can keep an eye on the pulse and take proactive steps to resolve any issue before it comes to the attention of your client.

That enhances trust in your relationship as they can rely on you to maintain their account in good shape. In this way, the relationship is strong enough to sustain temporary setbacks when issues are out of your control and would require some time to fix.

That, in turn, is certainly conducive to long-term retention and paves the way for your organization to become a major partner, not simply a supplier.

Deepen The Relationship

A transparent communication between your team, company and your clients enables you to look not only for new opportunities but also for making new connections within and outside the company and eventually, lead to new business and sales opportunities and as a result, enables the account to flourish in a positive environment.

Thus, it is clear that approach related to radical openness offers new doorway for more profits. Both teams when talking together can explore every part of the business.

Investment In The Right Software

An ability to integrate information without adding normal workload is still considered as one of the toughest hurdles to radical openness approach.

Pulse offers easy integration with your email servers as it enables you to pull required emails into your system and automatically builds on with the selected companies and contacts you require at any particular time.

The subsequent output of Pulse is offering insights on your dashboard; this means you can focus your attention on your goals.

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