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Website Templates – Digging Through the History

If we take a trip back in time to remember how the first website looked, you’ll be surprised how things used to be. One has to agree, websites have come a long way and have evolved much since they first hit our screens. Besides, they didn’t always hold the cachet they do these days. A product or brand behind a website can make a difference in your business. Nothing is off limits when it comes to creating a website today.
Just about the time that first websites full of cluttered information appeared, TemplateMonster’s dream team of five was developing custom websites for clients all around the world. With the focus on Western countries, they created strong websites that could hit a home run. Working together toward a common goal helped TemplateMonster get through all ups and downs in their history.
On the day when one smart cookie started to design websites using his collection of DIY design elements, things have changed. We have to agree that his smart decision helped him do his job remarkably faster. That’s where the understanding that this is the product packed right the way people want it to. Thereafter there was no looking back. These PSD templates were nothing else but out-of-the-box-fully-functional website templates.

The Rise of Website Templates

The next years TemplateMonster has shown steady growth in developing new product offerings. The dream team began exploring new visual products. That was an era that allowed designers to try new things. They wanted to take full advantage of all the secret tools they can put their hands on. By that time, the question with the computers’ resolution was still a hard thing to modify. In addition, the death of Flash made designers to start thinking outside their monitors.
That was the hardest time for TemplateMonster’s team who needed to rethink their expectations and learn lots of new things. The work was hard. However, magic happens when you choose the right way to go. It’s hard to believe but every failure is a part of the whole process. TemplateMonster took the lesson learned from their mistakes and got back on the horse.

TemplateMonster Marketplace

And finally, in 2016, TemplateMonster has taken all necessary actions to become the digital marketplace. Indeed, this step was done because of the market changes. The company was forced to respond to those new technology changes.
As a result, TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace welcomes everyone and offers a fantastic opportunity to become a global player. If you’re a third-party developer, talented designer, or digital product manufacturer, please become a vendor at one of the largest digital marketplaces on the web.
Started first as an online-invite system, TemplateMonster is opened to all skilled guys who want to get their business in front of hundreds of customers worldwide. By the way, the other day, TemplateMonster ran into a brilliant set of WordPress themes developed by a guy from Belarus. And you know what, his total income exceeded 20K in the last few months. Way to go, doesn’t it?

Is There a Real-World Benefit Behind TemplateMonster Marketplace?

  • What About Products?
  • The most important part is that the digital marketplace accepts only the highly demanded products. Every time a product is loaded, a team of professionals inspects all its ins and outs. Remember, all WordPress products will be broken apart to ensure that its every single design element works right the way it is described in the documentation.

  • What’s the Cut?
  • TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace: An Inspiring History of Success

    TemplateMonster digital marketplace can accept both Exclusive and Non-Exclusive products from a vendor. For every Exclusive product, a vendor gets up to 70% from each sale. For Non-Exclusive products, the profit can be 40%. It’s all up to a vendor to decide.

  • Advantages Over ThemeForest or MojoMarketplace
  • We have to agree, that expectations can be a hard thing to manage. Anyway, it’s safe to say that TemplateMonster digital marketplace is just the thing for those who want to take their business to the next level. Keep your eyes open and let amazing things happen.

  • 1. From 1 Profile Account, a vendor can sell both Exclusive and Non-Exclusive products. On ThemeForest, a vendor subscribes to sell either Exclusive or Non-Exclusive products.
  • 2. It takes up to 12 hours for a team of professionals to review digital products. For more complex solutions it can take up to 1-3 days. Again, 2 weeks is minimum time ThemeForest can ask for checking a digital product.
  • 3. No limits for product submissions a vendor can have on TemplateMonster marketplace. ThemeForest allows only one digital product submission to one category at a time.
  • 4. With a ’Quick Start’ a vendor can earn up to 70% from each sale for his/her Exclusive product on the digital marketplace. Ready to hit the big time?
  • 5. A Vendor can assign more than 1 category to his/her digital products.
  • 6. No matter the location of a vendor, payments can be withdrawn via different payment systems. Net15 Payments is no exception.
  • 7. The Ticket System offers a quick and well-equipped interaction.

A Quality Index system can be a great way to give the ranking to a vendor. Keep innovating, implementing, and believing in what you do to increase the Quality Index.

The Bottom Line

If you’re really passionate about your business, TemplateMonster digital marketplace can help bring your talent to win over. Do it right, be authentic and you can gain the attention you wish. Try it simply just to try. If not, what’s stopping you?

TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace: An Inspiring History of Success

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