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Best Ways to Securely Wipe Your Hard Drive

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The modern data-driven businesses are always in a dilemma to tackle security breach and demand proper security for their data. One cannot simply ignore the fact that a little ignorance to the security can lead to a sneak into your company’s confidential data. The need of professional data wiping is significantly increased to minimize the risks of data theft.

The hard disks that are formatted by using general approach are at a higher risk of data retrieval. One can simply retrieve the deleted information by the efficient utilization of modern tools. It is necessarily important to safely wipe the drive by shunning the existence of previous data.

The reason behind the data theft could be related to the improper management of the infrastructure, and one should ensure adequate security of the information stored on the systems by hiring third-party agencies. Here we’ll discuss the importance as well as ways of permanent deletion of business data that your firm no longer needs.

Use of Enterprise Formatting Software

It has been seen that people hardly focus on the protection of their company’s systems from malware and viruses. It is the necessary thing that must never be ignored while you are planning to provide adequate security to your company’s data. There is numerous software available in the market that can securely wipe the data from your hard drive. Make sure that you scan your hard drive properly before you can start the formatting to avoid any security threat.

One can easily pick reliable software that can easily clean the hard drives containing crucial data of your business. Furthermore, you should ensure that the security software should be regularly updated to handle the latest malware before you proceed to the formatting. There are numerous cases in which the system was unable to handle the threats due to an outdated version of the anti-virus software.

The thing that must be kept in mind is to choose trustworthy software having good reviews. The market is flooded with ample of software that guarantees proper results but eventually fails to do so. You can find a reliable product by doing a little research on the available products that offer promising results. Furthermore, the best option is to purchase a premium product that may charge you a little but ensures better results.

Use Traditional Formatting Methods

One can also consider the conventional method of formatting the hard drive is there is no sensitive data available on the drive. You just need to connect your hard drive to your computer and follow the step by step procedure:

  • Connect your hard drive to your system through the USB port. For advanced users that need to format their hard drive of PC can connect the hard drive directly to the motherboard. Make sure you do a little research on connecting the hard drive of PC to the motherboard before starting the process.
  • Once you connect the drive to your system, you will be able to see the disk drive in “My Computer” (Windows User). 
  • If there is no new drive in My Computer, you must unplug the hard drive and reconnect it. If the problem persists, try to change the USB port and try again. 
  • Once you see your hard drive in My Computer, you must right click on the hard drive. 
  • You need to click on “Format” option. 
  • After clicking on Format, you need to follow a guided procedure. 
  • Make sure you click on “Restore Device Defaults” to ensure that your hard disk is completely free from any disk errors. 
  • Follow the procedure, which can take a couple of minutes depending upon the amount of data available on the hard drive. 
  • After the successful formatting of the drive, you must plug out the hard drive from your system and then again plug in to check the drive. 

Use Traditional Formatting Methods

Wipe off the Unnecessary Data from the Systems through Professional Help

People prefer to format their systems without the use of any professional tools or professional service providers. There are chances that your data can be easily recovered from the formatted hard drives, and can be misused by your business rivals and competitors. One should always hire a third-party agency that can permanently wipe the data from your system.

Apart from this, there are several cases in which the data can’t be deleted permanently from the hard drives, so it requires permanent destruction of the storage media from a security point of view. One can easily seek help from professional hard drive data wiping service providers for effortless services.

They make use of the modern tools that leave no chances of data recovery after the disk has been wiped properly. Apart from this, it is advised that one should always choose a reliable service provider that can ensure proper safety of your company’s confidential data. One can explore the internet to in find a reliable service provider.

Wipe off the Unnecessary Data from the Systems through Professional Help

Consider Hard Drive Shredding for Permanent Data Wiping

For businesses that are based on data and information, must consider the importance of professional hard drive shredding. Hard drive destruction or hard drive shredding is the technique used to destroy the hard drive containing the crucial data of a company physically. This technique is a fruitful way to destroy data, which a company doesn’t need permanently. The professional service providers have dedicated tools and equipment that converts your hard drive into chunks of metal in just a couple of seconds.

You just need to find a service provider in your location and call them to pick the hard disks from your office. Alternatively, you can also ask for the hassle-free destruction of the hard drives at your place, and the service provider will bring the necessary equipment to your doorstep.

One can choose a professional hard drive shredding agencies that offer easy door pickup facilities, and offer the best in class services. Furthermore, one should always prefer third-party service provider offering a proper certification for hard drive shredding for future references.


The tips mentioned above are proven to be fruitful in securely wiping your hard drives. One must precisely format the drives by following these approaches or call the experts for quality work.

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