Most Recommended Add-ons for Chrome

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Most Recommended Add-ons for Chrome : Hot addons for chrome

Hot Add-ons for Chrome!

Google chrome is the most popular browser across all operating systems. It has surpassed the firefox popularity long ago. It is also being used by many Mac users as default browser instead of Safari.
I use google chrome everyday for my content research and blogging. I have many add-ons installed on my google chrome. 
This article is to share some of very productive add-ons that I think everyone will benefit.  

Google Drive – The Best Way to Save Multimedia Files on the Chrome Browser

Google Drive is a great place to safely store your multimedia files, documents, and other data. What’s great about Google Drive is that it is easily integrated with other Google products such as your Chrome browser. Google Drive allows for easy saving of video, images, HTML 5, and webpages. With Google Drive you can store any type of file and provided you don’t exceed 15Gb of complimentary storage, you’re good to go.

With Google Drive you can save videos, voices and video recordings, art designs and photographs. Google Drive allows you to see your stored content anywhere you go – from PC, smartphone or tablet. It’s easy to share folders and files with friends, thanks to the + option on the files. You don’t even need to email anything to anyone – it’s already waiting in the cloud.

Taco for Google Chrome

Taco is a novel Chrome extension that allows you to convert Google Chrome’s New Tab page into a fully functional operation. Taco is compatible with iCloud, Todoist, Google Tasks, webmail, and Asana. This add-on uses 40+ web tools to organize your tasks easily and efficiently. By placing everything on one page, you’re able to organize your work day easily. Taco runs all your tasks with services like Basecamp, Zendesk, Gmail and Trello. It’s fast and it protects your browsing too. for Chrome

Cross-platform functionality is especially important nowadays. With you can easily synchronize your tasks from your PC and desktop devices. It’s easy to create reminders and new lists by using this add-on. As far as Chrome extensions go, this one is a winner. Already, 15 million people use to organize and arrange their online activity.

It also features drag and drop tasks to help effectively plan your agenda and it makes attaching notes and completing sub-tasks much easier in a web of trust. also allows for recurring reminders and one-time reminders.

OneTab for Chrome – The Easy Compression Extension

Imagine an add-on that compresses all browsing activity into a single tab page? The OneTab extension allows you to do precisely that, with savings of up to 95% on memory and reduced clutter in Google Chrome. Whenever there are too many tabs open in Chrome, you will be able to use OneTab to generate a list for all open tabs.

Once you’re ready to restore them, you can do this one-by-one or all together. By reducing the number of open tabs in the Google Chrome browser, you’re saving as much as 95% of the available memory on your system. This add-on is also capable of reducing your CPU load, and startup from hibernation is also quicker.

Turn Off The Lights for Chrome

Atmospheric settings are important when watching videos online. Whether you’re watching Google Movies or YouTube videos, it’s great to use Turn Off The Lights to create the ideal settings for your viewing pleasure.

Full customization is also possible, with things like custom colours and screen modifications. Now you can transform your online movie experience into a full cinematic escapade.

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