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Airy 3.0 an upgraded version of the YouTube downloader developed by Eltima Software was recently released with some noteworthy features added. Airy 3.0 added features made the tool, even more, user-friendly. Airy Youtube Downloader has always supported video formats like Mp4, 3gp, Mp3, HD and full HD resolution. However, the quality of the download depends on the source of the video.

They also fixed some known issues of Airy 2.0 and owners of the previous version can get Airy 3.0 with a 50% discount from their website.

Airy Software Key Features

Let’s take a look at the features, Airy, 3.0 came with:

The ability to login on YouTube in order to download age-restricted and protected videos.

Before Airy 3.0 you had to follow 6-7 different steps illustrated in some articles online just to get access to an age-restricted or protected video but with this little tool Airy 3.0 you just take one step and viola you’re watching the video. While that may sound good, the other cool thing is that this one step approach will save you a lot of megabytes you spend searching for how to download age restricted or protected videos.

High-Quality Download Support 

An option to download each item in a playlist in the best quality available:

In Airy 2.0, for instance, you only had the option to download the YouTube playlist with one quality. But with Airy 3.0 you can download YouTube playlist videos with the best quality available for each video in the playlist. In other words, videos from the same playlist can be downloaded with different qualities. For example, Video A & B are from the same playlist but has different qualities. video A has best quality as 720p you can download it with that quality then video B has 1080p HD as the best quality you can also download it with that quality. Though the videos are from the same playlist the download qualities will be the best for video each, not one size fits all.

YouTube Channels Support

This is one of the interesting features of this upgrade. This particular feature will actually interest heavy and chronic YouTube downloaders because here with just one click you can have a whole channel’s content on your computer. This is a new trend in YouTube downloaders and Airy 3.0 is one of the first to integrate it.

It is kind of boring selecting playlist by after playlist for download, now Airy 3.0 can grab the whole channel for you while you sip your coffee.

Event notifications 

(via Notification Center)

Seeing event notification as one of the added features your first thought might be will Airy 3.0 notify me of my birthday and something like that? The short answer is No. But Airy 3.0 will notify you when the download is complete. Airy will take the link, download the video and inform you when the process is complete. If for any reason Airy can’t download the video it as well notifies you of the error.

Apart from Airy 3.0 added features Eltima Software fixed some known issues like fetching of subtitles, and also improved Airy’s ability to detect available video formats.

Steps To Download YouTube Video

For new users of Airy below are the simple steps you need to take to download a YouTube Video:

  • Find then open the YouTube Video, playlist or Channel you want to download, copy the URL and paste it into the Airy window;
  • Next step is to select your preferred download format. Here you can choose mp3 if you need only Audio (NB: If it’s a playlist or channel Airy will take some time to extract their contents)
  • Finally, you can click on the Download button.

Once Airy is done downloading, by default all your files will be saved under Downloads. However, you can change this by going to Preferences.

Airy is available for Mac and Windows (But Mac version has bigger feature list)

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