6 Best Free Parental Control & Kids Monitoring Android Apps

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Parental Control and Kids Monitoring Android Apps

Sometimes giving your kids the latest technology gadgets can cause a sigh of distress to you as you cannot be certain about the bill amount or over usage and download of data. The fact that giving a mobile phone to your kids has its own perks cannot be denied; especially if the mobile phone has Android as its operating system. In those circumstances, the mobile monitoring apps come to the rescue of those parents who want to give their children freedom of using a mobile phone and also want to keep them under their vigil at the same time when they cannot be present with them physically.

These mobile monitoring apps for the Android systems let you keep your child under a tab so that you could be assured that your child is secure. Now you can check your house from your work to see if your kids are doing okay! Is your teenage kid out at a friend’s birthday party? Do not fret because these wonderful mobile surveillance apps let you take a sneak peek!

Listed below are some amazing and distinguishing featured mobile monitoring apps for you:

Secure then

Recognizing the risks of digital freedom for the curious young minds, Info wise offers parents a comprehensive and reliable solution in the form of SecureTeen. The parental control app is heavy on features that range from online filtering, app blocking, and web history logging to time management, location tracking, and much more. Shielding kids from dangerous online elements is a rather elusive goal, especially with the growing prevalence of technology. However, SecureTeen does a remarkable job of fighting the odds to bring down the degree of digital risks to an acceptable level.


This amazing featured mobile monitoring app is a break-through in the world of Android app market. Mobile Spy is one such leading mobile monitoring app for Android phones. The mobile monitoring app offers a call intercepting feature where you just need to download this app and set up a pin number on your Android phone. Now wherever your Android phone is, you just need to text your phone with the pin number and the number it should call. The system will call the target Android phone without producing a ring which will, in turn, connect your mobile and you can listen to whatever is going on the other end. The Mobile Spy app can be downloaded from its official website.

Norton Safety Minder

Launched by Symantec, this mobile app will let the parents track as well as block the websites accessed by their children on their Android phones based on the customized lists or age category. The search histories as well as attempts to visit different websites can also be viewed. Concerned parents can download Norton Safety Minder and install following the instructions specified.

Kids Place

This mobile app transforms an Android device into a kid-friendly environment that prevents your kids from accessing sensitive or restricted data on your mobile phone or preventing them from downloading and opening other adult content not suitable for them. It also restricts them from composing messages or dialing numbers. Downloading Kids place will prevent your child’s unwanted intrusion.

Life360 Family Locator

This mobile app lets you track down the family members using an Android phone to ensure their safety and whether they have reached their destination safely. You just need to open the app and a map with the pictures and the location of the family members will be shown to you. Installing Life 360 Family Locator helps you know the whereabouts of your family.

RL Watcher

This app sends you notifications on sensing sounds, movements or slight motions. For example, if you have asked your teenage kid not to use your car when you are not home and if the kid carries the Android phone that has the app installed, it will send you SMS when the car starts moving sensing the motion and sound. Grab RL Watcher and be aware of your child moves.

Basically, the function of all such mobile monitoring apps is to protect your device and family from cyber crimes like cyber bullying and stalking on the internet by pedophiles. The advantage of the Android Monitoring apps is that they operate in real time, giving you an edge in reducing the time lag between the action and the remedy. Some of the advantageous features of an android monitoring application are listed.


Xnspy is a small yet powerful monitoring and tracking app. Its small size and its stealthy nature make it easy to install and it does not take its toll on the device either; it works on all Android and iOS devices. You can use its online control panel to monitor your devices from anywhere in the world – all you require is a web browser and an Internet connection.

Xnspy is also one of the cheapest mobile spy apps in its category. All in all, it is a monitoring and tracking app that has great functionality and great value for money.

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Operate in a stealth mode:

The need of monitoring software is to know the truth and hence it has to function secretly to gather the necessary evidence. Those who have the intention to deceive need to be trapped cautiously after gathering evidence. By operating in the stealth mode, the mobile monitoring apps efficiently relay all information to the user account.

Easy to use and install:

Any monitoring app must have an easy to use interface with step by step installation guide. This will enable the user of such app to discreetly install such app on the kid’s phone without their knowledge that they are being monitored.

Ability to record all the phone’s activities:

A good monitoring app must be capable of logging all details pertaining to the calls, mails, texts exchanged by the kid over the phone. This record is essential to protect your kids from criminals who are lurking on the internet in the form of pedophiles and blackmailers.

Restrict web applications:

Kids, during the course of their internet browsing, may access adult sites or game sites which sell pirated software. To prevent such activities, the parent can make use of the android monitoring software and block access to such sites and applications.

Keep a control on chat room conversations

It is during such chat room conversations that kids befriend strangers who try to gather the personal details of the child and his family. It is hence necessary to restrict children from accessing social networking sites. With the help of the monitoring software, you can restrict the entry to such sites and thereby prevent the kids from developing contacts with strangers who are most likely to subject your kid to cyber crimes.

Trace your child

In the event of your child being lost, you can easily track him with the help of the GPS device present in the monitoring app. By logging into your user account, you can trace your missing child’s location and take necessary action to get back your kid safely.

Review of photos and videos

Teens keep on exchanging photos and videos among their friends. Inadvertently, this circulation may reach the wrong hands who might misuse your kid’s photos, morph them and start blackmailing your kids with such improper images. By having the facility to review the photos and videos stored on the Android phone, monitoring apps score in protecting your child.

Make your kids be honest!

Letting a kid grow and learn from their own mistakes is a good practice. But also teaching them not to lie and be honest with their parents is imperative. These kids monitoring apps will give you a sigh of relief and serve you well in ensuring your kids’ safety!

Hope you will find this post useful. What other apps do you use for your kids?

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