Four Companies that are Disrupting Cybersecurity

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Four Companies that are Disrupting Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity risks are still considered as some of the most active threats to all global corporations, and this year seems to feature a continuation of this trend. A mind-boggling statistic from Trend Micro shows that as many as 25% of survey takers indicate that their place of work suffered over six cyberattacks in 2020 alone. And if nothing is done to eradicate this worrisome trend, it’s possible for more companies to fall victim to hackers and other nefarious individuals.

However, some highly intuitive cybersecurity companies are making efforts to reduce the impact of this pertinent risk by churning out highly disruptive cybersecurity solutions. Companies like Perimeter 81, Radiflow, Guardknox, and Simplisafe are leading the effort to counter this menace. These companies have taken time to master both simple and highly sophisticated cybersecurity threats, and are constantly upgrading their solutions to fit the dynamic and ever-changing cyberspace.

Here are more details on the four most noteworthy companies that are disrupting the cybersecurity sector:


Guardknox is a client-centric technology company that prides itself as a company with a team of developers that have the nitty-gritty skills to proffer solutions that help the automotive market to wade off highly sophisticated attacks. GuardKnox is a cyber tech tier company that holds numerous cybersecurity products.

The company produces highly flexible solutions that are scalable to give it more adaptability in hosted applications, zonal E/E architecture, high-speed routing, vehicle personalization, and added connectivity.

Guardknox ensures full hardware separation between the physical interfaces of all its solutions. This guarantees an efficacious communication path for every interface before it reaches the software. The hardware is equipped with the technology to perform initial verification of data, and it’s only after verification that its products will pass data to the software for implementation.

Ever since Guardknox entered the automotive scene, it has always released timely solutions with the needed innovation to protect the automotive industry. Its experience and application of technology from the aviation industry has enabled it to develop highly effective and secure solutions with its patented Service-Oriented Architecture

Although the company is based in Israel, it has subsidiary locations in Detroit, Michigan, and Stuttgart, Germany.


Radiflow is a cyber-security company that creates solutions to help secure vital business processes. The company offers an array of game-changing solutions that are well-tailored for SCADA/ICS networks. The company’s products guarantee users full control of their OT networks. Its solutions have intelligent threat detection features that work by passively monitoring OT networks to detect any errors. Another noteworthy feature in their solutions is secure gateways that guarantee that OT networks don’t deviate from access policies.

Radiflow consists of a workforce of highly intuitive people that have a penchant for creating disruptive solutions that can help secure cyberspace. Its workforce consists of ex-elite military unit personnel, automation experts, and highly enthusiastic professionals.

For a company founded in 2009, Radiflow has proven itself to be noteworthy within a short period to earn it a spot on this list of cybersecurity disruptors.

Perimeter 81

Perimeter81 is a cybersecurity company that’s poised to redefine secure network access through creating solutions that are encompassing enough for the modern and distributed workforce with a unified platform. Since the company was founded in 2018, it has gained traction as a reputable leader in the SASE and it currently owns the patent for Automatic Wi-Fi Security.

Perimeter81 has a robust team of professionals that have years of experience creating very easy-to-use, yet efficacious solutions that help to minimize online cyber threats to businesses. The company constantly upgrades the knowledge of its workers to make them in tune with the changing dynamics of cybersecurity, as such, their solutions are well built to withstand new sources and types of threat.

It has earned its place in this least primarily because of its user-friendly solutions that are highly effective, easy to use, and accessible to all and sundry.


SimpliSafe is a technological solutions provider that focuses primarily on protecting every direct and indirect entry point of a house. When its solutions are deployed, a team of experts monitors certain parameters 24/7 to detect if an intruder has gotten into your residence, and they contact the police.

The company’s monitoring staff contacts the owner of the house when they believe that there’s trouble, and when visual verification is added, it helps you to ascertain the level of danger that they can contact emergency services faster.

A noteworthy feature of their solutions is that they’re always safe, irrespective of the condition of the environment.

In Conclusion

Cybersecurity is a hot topic among top-level managers of both multinational corporations and small businesses; this is because cybercrime went up by 600% during the pandemic, and the major targets are businesses. However, some cybersecurity companies are creating intuitive solutions that can help prevent hackers and other nefarious personalities from achieving their aim.

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