Pharmacy App Development: MVP and Extra Features

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Pharmacy App development: MVP and extra features

In today’s world, medicines are essential in every household, especially when we see that various new viruses or bacterias are kept on growing. Hence, it makes us face challenges to go out and buy medicines.

There are also various other difficulties that one may face while going out to buy medicines, including waiting in long lines, not knowing the actual price and the proper usage of the medicine, and many more.

So, there is no surprise that one pharmacy app development company should come to the forefront to solve these issues. This idea is also regarded as a promising business strategy that benefits the pharmacy owners and customers. This article will know pharmacy app development techniques and explore more about the pharmaceutical industry. If you need some more info from experts like Topflightapps, you can also read here on telemedicine app development. You can also check their services as a pharmacy app development company – they have created some apps in this field and can be helpful.


Features in Your Pharmacy App Development

There are four features or panels that one should have while developing a pharmacy app or a healthcare app.

For the panel of customers

  • Prescription Upload- In this, the prescription is the customers having should be easily uploaded to the server so the pharmacist can see the customers’ problems and study the case.
  • Easy Login – The system should log in or register the customers via emails, telephone numbers, social media accounts. This step should be performed quickly, and users should not feel any difficulty.
  • Medicine Information- The information of the medicines’ prices and various other components should be readily available on the product details.
  • Payment Details and Offers- There should be various modes of payment through which the users can pay. They should also be given some extra discounts or benefits so that they can come again and again.
  • Profile Management- In this, users should be given permissions to manage their profile details easily, such as the address of delivery, details of payments, etc.

For the Admin Panel

Inventory management includes product expiry dates, stock prices, and other health benefits that the customers can check.

  • Managing Orders– The app’s admins should track and monitor the status of all the charges and their processing related details.
  • Managing Customers– In this, the app should provide a feature for managing customer’s issues or creating some Customer care services to clear all their queries.
  • Management of Marketing– In this, the company developers can use this method for controlling ads, marketing communications, and various other campaigns related to their market.

For the Panel of the Pharmacist

Interface dedication- The medicines’ distributor will use the online console in handling orders and various other inventories efficiently.

  • Notification of orders- The app should have a feature that should tell the pharmacist of the customers’ new appointments via emails or online alerts.
  • Digital prescriptions– The prescription which is to be made by the company should be in a digital way that can be easily accessible and convenient in use.
  • Customer care – The customers’ support facilities should be given the topmost priority, and it should be easily accessible to fulfill all the customer’s queries regarding the company.

For the Driver Panel

  • Login of drivers– The drivers who are carrying the important customer’s medicines should have preferred login credentials such as login IDs and passwords, which should be linked with their phone numbers.
  • Profile of drivers– This should be provided as it helps the company store the history of delivery of products to the customers.
  • Information of delivery– this helps in making the driver make the required changes to delivery status development.
  • Location tracking– couriers should use the maps to track the location and use the best routes to reach the place.
  • Notification alerts– The couriers should also receive some notification alerts as they place orders.


So we can see that in today’s world, delivery options for meeting essential needs such as groceries, clothes, food are available all across. The pharmacy industry also is no exception, and the customers also want their medicines to be ordered online and delivered without fail.

This article discussed pharmacy app development and the essential features of developing a pharmacy app. Through this article, you can achieve your customer’s satisfaction whenever you are creating your Pharmacy app. It would help if you took care of the essential steps discussed above before developing the app.

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