5 Methods For Successful Product Photography

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5 Methods For Successful Product Photography

When starting your online business, you’ll be faced with some new terms like digital customer sentiment, perceived value, and brand trustworthiness. Don’t panic – these are all measurable and achievable metrics for your shop.

There are only two things you need to worry about here. Firstly, make the best first impression on customers, and then secondly, to make sure that your product matches their expectations.

If you follow the online cult trend of posting about purchases that did not meet their online expectations, you’ll know it can kill your return business. The most vital step for achieving your e-commerce goals is to have a killer method of photographing your products to look their best.

Below are five methods to use to do your products justice:

Use The Right Camera

You don’t need a fancy new camera, especially when you are just starting. Using a top of the range camera is cool, but it’s an unnecessary expense. Do a bit of research online, multiple articles investigate and offer tips for choosing the best camera for product photography.

If you don’t have the budget for a new camera at all right now, use your smartphone – you would be amazed at what they can achieve. Besides, editing is the most vital aspect of taking product pictures.


Product photography has deeper technical elements that you need to be aware of. The result is that you should always use a tripod – it will allow you to take the best photos.

Your camera needs to be set to a small aperture to allow you the depth of field you need for product photography. That means your camera will end up having a slower shutter, and the focal subject of your photo will probably come out blurry if you don’t have a tripod to steady your photograph.

Balance is everything, and tripods are inexpensive, so this is a no-brainer.

White Backgrounds

Using a white background helps to hero your product shots by keeping them the sole focus of the image. A crisp, white background makes your product image look cleaner and gives the product a modern and trustworthy appearance.

Use a reliable bg remover to clean up your product shots and get them web-ready. Aim for one front on shot, one angled shot, and one close up shot. Take high-resolution images and then compress them to a useable web-friendly size – without losing any quality.


Getting the perfect lighting for your product shot will make or break it. An overexposed photo or a product left in the dark will have a detrimental effect on your sales. Choose to use lighting whenever possible and get extra professional studio lights for those gloomy days.

Set up two off-camera lights and shoot through umbrellas most of the time because they soften and disperse light.

Choose Portrait Mode

Shooting products in portrait mode give that item depth and emphasis. That setting blurs the background – ensuring that nothing else can compete with the product. That is a beginner’s tip, and you’ll quickly learn why it works better than shooting in landscape mode.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up – just remember to do what works best for your products.

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