Improving Employee Engagement – Top Tactics by Fred Auzenne Introduction

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Improving Employee Engagement – Top Tactics by Fred Auzenne Introduction

Employee engagement affects the outcome of many things in your business, including customer experience, productivity, profitability, revenue generation, employee attrition, and much more. With research revealing that engaged employees perform better and make their companies more successful, most businesses have understood the importance of enhancing employee engagement.

The Top Benefits of Higher Employee Engagement

More than anything else, companies succeed based on how skilled, passionate, and dedicated their employees are. Nowadays you can easily acquire or outsource infrastructure and technology. However, the employee expertise, passion, and creativity make the critical difference between a market leader and the rest. Some of the most well-established benefits of employee engagement are:

Increased employee productivity: Engaged employees are significantly more productive because they can retain their focus on the right things despite distractions. The high level of focus enables the company to get the benefit of efficiency, productivity, and the results it wants. According to studies, engaged employees deliver up to 175 more productivity.

Higher employee retention: Engaged employees love their workplace and do not need to look elsewhere to meet their financial and emotional needs. Because they know that the company will always recognize their contribution and give them opportunities to upgrade their work and personal skills, they see their careers developing well. Since the employees do not look elsewhere for job satisfaction or financial rewards, the company benefits from higher retention, observes Fred Auzenne.

Lower absenteeism: Engaged employees love what they do in their workplaces and are so invested in their jobs that they arrive on time and rarely take leave. Possessing a high level of commitment to their employers and will do everything it takes to deliver what the organization expects from them and more.

How to Boost Employee Engagement

Improve workplace efficiency: By making sure you use modern technology and efficient work practices, you can make your employees more productive. Studies reveal that inefficient and non-optimized work processes can waste more than a quarter of the employee’s work hours. With documentation, digital or on paper, taking up a lot of time, installing an efficient record management system can make the storage and retrieval of information more efficient and quicker.

Improve communication: The adequacy and quality of communication are vital for employee productivity, morale, and engagement. Good, precise, and updated communication helps employees to accomplish their daily tasks and fosters good employee engagement. Without an efficient communication system in place, employees tend to communicate informally, and the messages can get distorted or diluted, leading to unwanted results.

Give feedback and recognition: One of the best ways to make employees feel more engaged and valued is to set up a system for interacting with them for getting feedback on various aspects of the business and their career progression. Giving employees prompt feedback helps them to improve while recognizing them for their contribution boosts their loyalty and motivation.


The success of the company depends to a large extent on the quality and motivation level of its employees. The more engaged employees are, the better it is for efficiency, productivity, retention, quality, and commitment. Highly engaged employees can take the company to a new level of excellence.

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