7 Most Effective Award Programs To Boost Employee Morale

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7 Most Effective Award Programs To Boost Employee Morale

Employees are the backbone of a company. You cannot stand up too well without them. They can be demanding, infuriating and often a real pain, but without them, you would have to do all the work yourself. Finding good employees that will provide solid support and be an asset to your company is difficult, but once you do find those golden angels that can help your business soar, you do not want to let them go.

Here are some incentives to help you keep your golden angels:


We have all seen “employee of the month” plaques on the wall. This plaque symbolizes great performance. The employee is recognized for doing outstanding work. This is great, but it would be better if the employee was selected from a group of peers. In most cases, the employee with the greatest sales or whatever is chosen. 

This type of recognition is cold and meaningless. Recognition from peers is what matters – not in the pocketbook, but in the heart. Hosting an event to give corporate awards to employees chosen from peers is definitely beneficial for your company.

Shout-Out Newsletter

Send a newsletter to all employees highlighting the outstanding work accomplished by this employee. If you already have a monthly newsletter, make sure to include a section that focuses on the “employee of the month.” Also include special milestones or achievements by other employees.

Celebration Calendar

A celebration calendar marks the milestones in the life of your employees. Hang it high and hang it proud! Mark every birthday, anniversary, children’s birthdays and anything else you know about your employees. Make them feel like everyday that is special to them is also special to you. Include a copy of the calendar in the newsletter so each employee can have an easy reference. People don’t always read the bulletin board.

Company Retreats

This is an example of what NOT TO DO. Employees, no matter how loyal they are, DO NOT what to spend their time off with you or their co-workers. Give them the cash instead. Or better yet, throw a BBQ or pizza lunch. Everyone loves food, especially free food! Once a month or every few months, have a free lunch day. 

This event can also be added to the calendar and newsletter to remind everyone not to bring a lunch that day. If your company is very small and you are worried about costs, throw a potluck! Most people love to show off their culinary skills.

Long-Standing Service Award

Loyalty should be rewarded.. This is the most important award a company can give! Annually or every five years, just show employees that you appreciate the time they put into your company. Show them you appreciate them hanging in with you and helping you make your company great.

Random Bonuses

Random, on the spot bonuses are small gestures of appreciation that come out of the blue. If you see an employee go above and beyond his regular duty, give him a little award, a little recognition. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive, just a little something to show you noticed the extra effort he put in or you liked his idea.

Awards Based On Specific Achievements

Sometimes an assignment or task can be extra difficult. Employees that tackle the task the way it should be handled, deserve extra recognition. A nice bonus or just a special treat will show that employee that you noticed and appreciated the extra time and effort put in to achieve great results.

Use your imagination, and let your employees know how much they mean to you and your company. Treat them like you would want to be treated if you were in their shoes. And at some point in your life, you probably were in their shoes. Think back to what type of recognition you would have wanted. People need to know they are needed and appreciated.

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