Top 10 PUBG Game Streamer On Youtube

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PUBG (Player Unknown’s BattleGround) is a popular battle royale game. PUBG attracts millions of shooting game lovers to its battleground servers.

This game is available on multiple platforms including PC, Mac and Mobile devices. Just like Free Fire in Asia and Fortnite in the US, PUBG has a big fan base in Asia and Europe.

The popularity of games has also started a ton of interest in streaming of game play. Some of the popular PUBG game streamers are listed on this page.

Top PUBG Youtubers / Channels / Streamers

This is list of Youtube channels with lot of awesome PUBG game streaming content and game hacks by pro players.


Subscribers: 6.8M


Subscribers: 2.4M

MUNNO Gaming

Subscribers: 2.4M


Subscribers: 1.9M


Subscribers: 1.6M


Subscribers: 1M

Slasher Gaming

Subscribers: 833K


Subscribers: 690K

Boss SenPai

Subscribers: 483K

Squad Arena

Subscribers: 239K


Subscribers: 166K

Halo Infinite Moments

Subscribers: 144K

Who Is Watching PUBG Streaming?

Many PUBG Fans and players across the world like to see how pro players are playing the game. This helps them learn new tricks and advance in the game. This makes game streaming a lucrative option for Youtubers to play live and share tips and tricks.

Why Is PUBG So Popular?

PUBG is a high quality multiple player game. Some key reasons that make PUBG a world favorite are listed below.

  • It is available on all platforms, including windows, iPhone, Android phones, iPad and more.
  • It has a large fan base and millions of players play it.
  • It is easy to get and very addictive.
  • It is easy to learn since it is very intuitive and also there are ton of tutorials available on the internet to learn all pro gaming tricks to advance in game quickly.
  • You can play it with your friends or anyone unknown in the world.

Who Is Playing PUBG?

PUBG is a popular choice for young adults and students. Many kids play it in groups to have fun. Even though it is very popular in Asia and Europe, Its popularity is limited in the USA since most people in the USA prefer fortnite, which is a similar battle royale game dominating the USA gaming industry.

How Can I Get PUBG?

PUBG is available to download free on most platforms. Just look up the internet to download PUBG and you should be able to install it. The gaming software requires good configuration to run high definition graphics so make sure you have a good device that can support its intense graphics processing.

How To Become a Pro PUBG Player?

To become good at any game you may need to play it for long time. However, there are better ways to get good at it without breaking your back. You can do it rather quickly by learning from expert gamers. You can watch some PUBG hacks on this playlist to learn some cool tricks and advance faster.


Hope you enjoy watching these streamers and playing the game. Share your favorite Youtuber in comments.

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