10 Best iPhone Spy Apps (No Jailbreak & No App Installation)

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10 Best iPhone Spy Apps (No Jailbreak & No App Installation)

You might go through some moments when you doubt your partner, colleagues, and employers of being disloyal or suspicious. These are when you feel a huge need for any device or spy phone app that would help reveal the truth.

Due to the immense increase in intelligent software and applications, it is not difficult to find authentic spy software. This spy software would help you check the shared text messages and other social activities of the target person without him knowing.

These spy apps do not require installation on the target iPhone, and no jailbreaking is required. Many applications claim to be factual, but it is your duty to find the one that actually provides what it claims to be. In this article, we have listed the 10 best spy apps for the iPhone, out of which 4 are recommended to you.

10 Best iPhone Spy Apps (No Jailbreak & No App Installation)

  • Safespy – Best and Trustworthy Spy Software
  • Spyine – Accuracy and Efficient Tracker
  • Minspy – Spy Social Media Activities within Seconds
  • Spyic – Precise Message and Call Tracker

1. Safespy

Safespy is one of the most used best spy apps that helps you get access to the target iPhone without him knowing. The app has been reviewed globally in good terms by top news brands, including Forbes, 9to5Mac, TechRadar, TechTimes, and PCWorld, etc. The app is used by 1 million people in around 190+ countries.

10 Best iPhone Spy Apps (No Jailbreak & No App Installation)

1.1. How Safespy Works to Spy on iPhone without Installing App and Jailbreak

Jailbreaking is a process that frees the iPhone from any kind of restriction and gives you access to download any software that you want. It is legal software, but everything easier comes with a price. Similarly, jailbreaking damages the security of the iPhone that helps to avoid spam and malicious applications.

The industry has grown tremendously, and now, it is also possible to spy on iPhones without jailbreaking them. Similarly, Safespy is a spy application that works without acquiring to jailbreak the iPhone. The app only requires the iCloud ID and password of the target person in order to spy on the target iPhone.

1.2. What are the Spy Offerings of Safespy?

Here, we will acknowledge the spy features that the software offers on target iPhones. It includes monitoring messages, social media, call logs, and deleted messages.

  • Monitoring iMessages: The app offers to monitor the iMessages shared on iPhone along with the timestamp and the contacted person’s name, and his phone number.
  • Social Media Activity: It spies on the photos, videos, messages, and documents shared on social media apps, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, and Facebook, etc.
  •  Tracking WhatsApp Messages: Safespy offers to track WhatsApp messages which may include any document, link, photos, or videos. It also monitors and shows the deleted messages.
  • Geo-fence Alert: The geofence alert allows creating geo-fences across specific areas, so whenever the target enters, leaves, or crosses that area, the user gets intimated.
  • Track Website History: The application also stores and displays the website history of the target iPhone on the control panel. It includes the bookmarks, time-stamps, and visit frequency of sites.

1.3 How Does Safespy Benefits iPhone Users?

Safespy, unlike its competitors, has offered a unique set of benefits to its users. We will now look over the benefits that are offered to iOS users by Safespy.

  • No Jailbreak Needed: The cutting-edge technologies offered at Safespy provide complete control to the user over the target iPhone without jailbreaking it. Without gaining any physical access to the device, you can cover all the basic and advanced monitoring features of Safespyc.
  • No Technical Knowledge Required: Safespy provides a very easy and colored interface to its users. It can be easily consumed by any user to spy on any target iPhone without having any consistent knowledge related to the app. The app is brilliantly designed and very user-friendly.
  • Data Privacy: The data that is being accessed through the platform is protected. Safespy ensures data privacy and keeps the user’s data safe from all kinds of illegal threats.

1.4 How to Spy on iPhone without Them Knowing

Safespy offers the most saved approach to spy on target iPhone devices. While excluding the need to jailbreak your iPhones, it spies on the phones without letting the target know about spying. You don’t need to download the application on the target iPhone to carry the spying. The complete process can be covered with the help of the iCloud ID of the target.

The process is web-based, and every piece of information would be delivered online to the user. These steps are required in order to set up the application on any target iPhone:

Step 1: The first step is to sign-up for the Safespy account by using a working email and its password. Now, purchase the subscription, and later, the set-up wizard will open that would ask the user to choose the target platform.

  10 Best iPhone Spy Apps (No Jailbreak & No App Installation)
Step 2: Select the iPhone option, then the wizard will ask him to enter the iCloud credentials of the target person. After verifying the details, the wizard will give access to the control panel.

  10 Best iPhone Spy Apps (No Jailbreak & No App Installation)
Step 3: After setting up the details about the target iPhone, you are allowed to log in to your Safespy account using any PC or smartphone.

Step 4: Safespy is now tracking your target’s activity and displaying information on the app’s control panel. You will be able to view the information any time from the control panel of the app.

10 Best iPhone Spy Apps (No Jailbreak & No App Installation)

1.5. What are the Significant Traits of Safespy Software?

The application has many pros, due to which it has a significant place in the market. Similarly, there are some drawbacks of the application too.

Advantages of Safespy

  • It has advanced options in spying and monitoring, such as keylogging. This activity helps the software record the typing activity and the user to watch the activity on the control panel.
  • It does not require downloading to physically touch the target iPhone. All of the processes are web-based and do not require any installation on any iPhone.
  • Safespy enables the user to view social media files, also the ones shared privately.
  • It also spies on the deleted messages. If the target deletes any message, there is no matter to worry about as every message is stored on the control panel.

Disadvantages of Safespy

  • The application does not record the calls made on the target iPhone. Due to this, the user can miss much important information.

2. Spyine

Spyine is a cell phone spy software and monitoring application that spies on the target person without letting him know. This software performs many activities on the target iPhone in order to display the information. With Spyine, you can find out the most frequently contacted person on your target’s contact list. It also enables recording the messages and media files shared on the phone.

10 Best iPhone Spy Apps (No Jailbreak & No App Installation)

Pros of Spyine

1. The application will not affect the security and warranty of the target iPhone. It does not ask to jailbreak the iPhone, and hence, no damage is done to the phone.

2. It tracks the social media activity such as his friends, his chats, and profiles of frequently contacted people on his friend list.

3. The app also accesses the links and documents shared in messages.

Cons of Spyine

1. The responsive ability of the application is very low. Hence, it takes a lot of time to load and reload.

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3. Minspy

Minspy is also a most-used application all over the world. This phone spyware app records the messaging activity without him knowing. It shows the call duration and time of shared calls on the target iPhone. It also shows the name and phone number of the person with whom the call was made. The application makes sure that no one gets to know about spying.

10 Best iPhone Spy Apps (No Jailbreak & No App Installation)

Benefits of Minspy

1. The application ensures the data security of the user and directed person. It is assured that no information is saved on the servers, and no one can access the identity of the user.

2. If the user types any password, username, or credit/debit card detail on his iPhone, the application records it by a keylogger.

3. Minspy has reasonable pricing details, and hence, people can buy their service easily.

Drawbacks of Minspy

1. The software does not record the calls made on the target phone.

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4. Spyic

Spyic is renowned software for recording information and data of targets on its control panel. It then shows the information in an ordered form. Safespy offers the keylogging feature in the target iPhone.

10 Best iPhone Spy Apps (No Jailbreak & No App Installation)

This feature records the keystrokes made on the phone and then displays them. You can also track the website history of the iPhone. All the bookmarks, frequently searched sites are saved on the dashboard.

Plus Points of Spyic

1. Safespy records the calls made on the target iPhone and displays the recording on the dashboard. Due to this, you can keep track of every piece of information.

2. The application does not require jailbreaking the iPhone. You can avail all features without jailbreaking the phone.

3. Safespy has a web-based interface that does not require downloading the app on the target iPhone.

Drawbacks of Spyic

1. Constant internet connection is needed in order to track or view the information.

5. Spyier

Spyier works efficiently on the target iPhone without requiring you to download the application on any phone. It works directly from the website that you can open on any PC or phone. The software tracks the messaging activity of the target. It also records the deleted messages on the control panel of the application. You can find them by logging into the dashboard of the app.

10 Best iPhone Spy Apps (No Jailbreak & No App Installation)

Assistances of Spyier
1. The app spies on the social media activity of the target person, such as his Facebook messages, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other social media.

2. It records the links, documents, and shared images in the chats.

3. The application ensures that no data is saved on the online servers of software. Privacy of the user is also ensured.

Detriments of Spyier

1. Only a single device can be tracked in a premium plan. Thus, more subscriptions are required in order to spy on more devices.

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6. Spyzie

Spyzie is also one of the most-used applications for catching people without them knowing. It has a web-based interface that can be logged in using any web, PC, and phone. This cell phone spy app offers tracking of social media activity, including messages, photos, videos, links, and documents. It also allows access to contacts and friend lists of the target person.

   10 Best iPhone Spy Apps (No Jailbreak & No App Installation)

Upright Points

1. The software provides information about all the sims present on the phone, including the IMEI number and network of the sim.

2. The software spies on the iMessages, deleted iMessages, contact lists, and call logs of the target iPhone.

3. The application also shows the call durations, time-stamp on the call, name of the contacted person, and his phone number.

Downside Reviews

1. You need a constant internet connection on the target iPhone and your phone in order to see the spied information.

7. CocoSpy

CocoSpy has the ability to track the messages exchanged on the phone, calls made through call logs, and shared documents. It also shows the deleted messages via auto-retrieving them on the control panel of CocoSpy. It has a geofencing feature that enables the user to highlight important areas. Whenever the target person enters those areas, the user will get a notification.

  10 Best iPhone Spy Apps (No Jailbreak & No App Installation)

Helpful features of CocoSpy

1. CocoSpy tracks the WhatsApp messages, links, media files, and other documents shared on WhatsApp with significance.

2. It also tracks the website history, including saved links and frequently visited websites.

3. The application does not have a heavy interface, which is why it can be opened on any phone and website.

Drawbacks of CocoSpy

1. CocoSpy’s interface has relatively slow upgrading, and it takes a lot of time to reload the page.

8. Neatspy

Neatspy is a parental application that was built in order to catch bullies and harassers online. Neatspy notifies the user if any conversation is taking place between the target person and another person.

      10 Best iPhone Spy Apps (No Jailbreak & No App Installation)

Thus, the user can watch what kind of information is being shared between them. The application only requires you to give the iCloud ID and password of the target person in order to spy on him.


1. It has a digital and audio communication recorder which easily records the conversation taking place.

2. The application also monitors the downloaded applications and their activity.

3. It has a geo-fence feature that highlights the important areas and informs the user whenever the target moves towards them.

Why is Neatspy not favorable?

1. Neatspy has high prices for subscriptions which are not everybody’s cup of tea.

9. FoneMonitor

FoneMonitor was basically built to monitor children and especially teenagers. There are many features that allow the user to find out the target’s favorite friends, his conversation, and private information. If they use any social media, the application will spy on it. It can access the messages, videos, pictures, and documents shared by the target.

10 Best iPhone Spy Apps (No Jailbreak & No App Installation)

This software tracks the deleted messages and saves them on the dashboard too.


1. The app records the iMessages, and media files shared on the messages without letting the target know.

2. The application records messages in real-time. So there is no delay in recording and displaying messages on the dashboard.

3. It records the sim location of every sim present in the iPhone. The app also accesses the IMEI number and network of the sim.


1. FoneMonitor does not offer the feature of keylogger. Hence, the user would be unable to access the login credentials entered into the phone.

10. TeenSafe

TeenSafe, as depicts in the name, was mainly created to save teenagers by keeping track of their activity in social circles. The application highlights the offensive words used in any conversation and displays them on the control panel.

    10 Best iPhone Spy Apps (No Jailbreak & No App Installation)

TeenSafe also shows the downloaded apps on the iPhone. It also enables the user to limit the screen-time of specific applications.

Plus Points of TeenSafe

1. The software only requires the iCloud ID and password of the target. After this, the application works directly from the webpage.

2. The app allows users to uninstall applications and screen the time limit of specific apps.

3. It does not require jailbreaking the iPhone in order to function. Hence, the warranty and security of the phone are intact.


1. TeenSafe has steep high prices, and its services are not easy to avail.


The article has concluded 10 relevant software, out of which 4 are highly recommended to spy on people with iPhone. These apps do not require jailbreaking or the installation of cell phone spy software on the target iPhone. The user only needs to give the credentials of the target person in order to spy on him.

These applications mainly spy on social media activity, call logs, messages, media files, location, and deleted messages of the target. The article has concluded details about each software that is highly helpful to readers.

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