WordPress Theme Design: Ready-Made vs Custom

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The dissemblance between an existing WordPress theme customization and a custom WordPress theme design creation is, by and large, not evident for an average WordPress user. The fact speaks for itself that users are more engaged in running or setting up businesses rather than beavering away for years to take in all the details of WordPress design.

There is the urgent need to debunk all the limitations and myths of a custom WordPress Design and Theme Customization. A number of confusions exist when users make attempts to meander through the spaces of WordPress themes, programs as well as graphic designers and consultants.

We are going to define the notions of a custom WordPress Design and Theme Customization. Moreover, this article will assist you in a better understanding of the mentioned sphere as well as alleviate difficulties while resorting to designing.

The Essence Of a WordPress Theme Customization

The first step on the road of understanding the difference between the preceding issues is the comprehension of all the important aspects of these two areas of designing. 

A WordPress Theme Customization implies obtaining already customized theme. The person who is responsible for preparing a theme according to a customer’s requirements and suggestions is called a graphic designer. For instance, you want to have a website, but everything has to appeal to your taste and needs. A graphic designer projects a theme relying on the existing example; therefore, it is counted as not highly unique. Moreover, such a theme may become a basis for double redesigning and implying new techniques.

The Gist Of a Custom WordPress Theme Designing

The process of designing is more difficult than customization. Since there is no previous version and every theme has to be created for WordPress by scratch. A graphic designer has to be aware of all the steps to take in order to create an accomplished project. The uniqueness of a custom WordPress Theme Designing is difficult to overwhelm due to its potential to serve as the backbone for a WordPress Theme Customization.

A Graphic Designer In Terms Of Creating a WordPress Theme

After defining customization and designing one may understand the main difference between those issues. However, it is important to mention the role of a graphic designer in distinguishing more substantial odds of WordPress.

A graphic designer becomes a real professional by tolling hard and gaining valuable experience in the sphere of designing. He or she is the one to be an expert of colors, forms, combinability of letters, their forms and shapes. Alternatively, a graphic designer cooperates with customers and does a bunch of pre-work. The following duties define the importance of this position in terms of designing and customization.

A Graphic Designer

  • assures the creation of a licensed product that is not copied or stolen since he or she has to interview a client and make a draft of a customer’s offers;
  • deals with a client with a definite purpose of visualizing a company, product and choosing an appropriate service;
  • defines target market strategies and requests and determines the objectives of cooperation.

All in all, the process is highly detailed since a designer works with a plain sheet and, in order to overcome all troubles, there is a necessity to gather information. This process is referred to as a custom WordPress design.

A Customizer In Terms Of a WordPress Theme Customization

There are a lot of users who refer to the application of a WordPress platform. Some customers are willing to modify the existing theme, and they just need the correct guidance through WordPress. There is no need to refer to a graphic designer; the person to assist in customizing process is called a customizer. Though a customer may do it on his or her own, a professional eye will do it better, more efficient and faster.

The Responsibilities Of a Customizer Include

  • variations of a color pattern, modifying fonts;
  • improving the content field and styling all the elements in order to have matching theme elements.

Updating Web Design With WordPress Platform

The web page may be designed in the most unusual and creative way; however, time changes faster than people notice that with the shift of tendencies and styles. Therefore, every respected business has to update a web page. There is a possibility to do it with WordPress, but pre-planning is of the utmost importance.

It is worth to pay attention to a variety of aspects. If a company’s policy or targets have changed with time flow or if a company’s logo has improved, it has to be mentioned while resorting to designing or customization. Even the outward of a company matter since a website will be recognizable and more frequently referred to.

The Principles Of Updating Website Design

If you run a business, keep in mind that a progressive society demands renovations. On a competitive field it is important to remember that if you do not act, there are a number of those who will take the initiative.

There are a few tips on how to define whether you need a custom WordPress theme design or theme customization.

  • Define what has already been changed in the company after the first designing of a website.
  • If there is a lot to change, then resort to a theme designing; if you want just to refresh the appearance of a page–ask a customizer to assist you.
  • If you have noticed that your business needs even more clients, but there is no highlight on your page, then resort to a custom theme design. The explanation lays in the fact that you need a professional who is able to accumulate all the details of the responsible designing of a web page.
  • Use the WordPress platform to find a design which will fit your needs and expectations. If there is the one, you may refer to a customizer to apply it or to edit a little bit. Sometimes it happens that your heart does not lie to any theme already existing. In this case, apply new design projected on your offer; therefore, refer to theme designing and develop the unique layout.

Pros and Cons of Theme Customization and WordPress Theme Designing

In terms of WordPress Theme designing, we may define two main advantages. First of all, the uniqueness of your own design in collaboration with a professional in the sphere of graphical designing; secondly, web sphere is a highly competitive one, if you are not the one to rival, choose designing over customization. It goes without saying, while mentioning theme customization, it is worth to realize that it is affordable since less work has to be done to get a product you seek for.

However, every platform has some limitations. For instance, you need to pay bills by the end of your designing project while speaking about designing. However, an experienced customer knows that the better you want, the more you have to pay for it. In customizing a theme, you have to be ready for having a copy of the existing project. If the policy of your company allows you to do that–why not.

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