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Every avid gamer understands the importance of the right tools for the best gaming experience. Increasingly, a VPN has been recognized as one of the tools that guarantee the best gaming experience.

The use of a VPN comes with several benefits that have made it essential for gamers. In this article, we highlight the reasons that have made a VPN one of the essential tools for a gamer.

Benefits Of Using A VPN

The benefits of using a VPN stems from the enhanced security and privacy associated with its use. A VPN provides a private network through which one can access a public server. The VPN server acts as a tunnel which traffic from the user’s online activities goes through. By passing through this tunnel, the traffic becomes encrypted and the user enjoys security with third parties prevented from accessing the traffic of their activities.

Because of the provision of several servers by a VPN service, the use of a VPN is also essential for bypassing geographical restriction on web access. The privacy that comes with the use of a VPN also keeps the user’s online traffic from their ISP which is of much benefit to gamers.

In the next section, we highlight specific reasons why gamers should get a VPN.

Why Gamers Need A VPN

Unrestricted access to the latest games

This is based on the bypassing of geographical restriction benefit of using a VPN. Games are generally released at different times in different regions, and gamers may have to wait for a while for a game that has been released in another region to become available in the region where they live.

With a VPN, one can access the game server through a VPN server in the same location. So, the server receives the traffic of their device from the VPN server in another location, and the location barrier is bypassed.

Let’s say a gamer is based in Japan and a game will not be released in Japan for at least one month and they can’t calm themselves down for that long, with a VPN, they can access the game server from maybe the UK where the game has been released.

With VPNs that offer a wide variety of servers, one can also jump from one location to another and enjoy maximum access to their favorite. Any avid gamer will love just that. This is thus important to choose the best gaming server based on the number of servers and the location of the servers.

ISP Throttling Bypass

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer users their resources with which they establish internet connections. Certain users can consume a major proportion of the ISP’s bandwidth because of their online activity. Thus, ISPs monitor the online activities of their users to ensure that one user is not consuming a major proportion of the available bandwidth and affecting the quality of service received by other users.

ISPs can thus throttle a gamer’s connection when they consume a major proportion of available bandwidth, but this is only possible if they can tell the consumption. A VPNs prevents ISPs from seeing a user’s connection and throttling it as necessary.

This benefit of using a VPN improves one’s general gaming experience whether in respect to playing online games or downloading preferred game torrents.

Uninterrupted Access To A Gaming Server

It is no news that gaming servers are based in specific locations and the proximity to this gaming server determines the speed of the connection. The farther one is from a gaming server, the higher the tendency of experiencing interruptions.

To bypass this interruption, especially for gamers that travel regularly, the use of a VPN is a necessity. A VPN server in the same area as the game server will ensure reduced lag and ping times.

This benefit of VPN for gamers is especially important for gamers that play games that are based in a different region from where they reside. Gamers can also enjoy uninterrupted access to the stores of their preferred gaming platforms, especially if they travel often.

Security From Hackers

Hackers crawl the different gaming platforms in search for loopholes they can exploit and steal information of users. Although measures are taken by the administrators of the different gaming platforms to ensure maximum security of their users, these efforts typically have a shortcoming which hackers exploit. To stay above such security threats from gaming, a VPN is a necessity.

The enhanced security is based on the encryption of the traffic of the user’s online activity making it inaccessible and thus worthless to hackers. Security threats from gaming platforms which include DDoS attacks have been more prevalent in recent time necessitating the use of VPNs by gamers.

Gamers need VPNs for several reasons which cut across security, privacy and improved gaming experience and we have highlighted four of such reasons.

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