Breakthrough Technological Advancements And How They Shape Society

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Breakthrough Technological Advancements And How They Shape Society

Technology started to advance so fast in the past few years that people can no longer adapt to changes as quickly as they did before. That’s the main reason why society tends to be confused or scared when tech innovation disrupts everything they are used to. Even though it’s obvious that there will be more discoveries made in the future regarding tech, it would be difficult – if not impossible – to predict what’s going to appear on the market next. The pace of technology advancements can be scary at times, but they mostly shaped society in a beneficial manner. Tech helps people deal with most of their daily tasks, not to mention the mass automation in most industries out there.

Blockchain and IoT  

Breakthrough Technological Advancements And How They Shape Society
Blockchain goes beyond cryptocurrency, which became kind of mainstream anyway. Blockchain technology expanded tremendously in the past year and is now said that it will transform multiple industries as you know them at the moment. From manufacturing to retail or even entertainment, blockchain technology has a lot of potentials to offer people a chance to handle things differently. Distributed transaction ledgers could become the foundation of multiple processes in these industries, and not limited to them. 

Blockchain tech could change the way people vote or the way their medical information is handled within a hospital. The changes blockchain could make are considerable and shouldn’t be ignored. Understanding how it works and getting informed about security matters related to it is a must.

The same goes for IoT. Since more and more people are using electronic devices for their everyday actions, it’s normal that the size of IoT constantly grows. The Internet of Things became a great part of business as well, as it affects many industries through its implications. IoT is now used in retail, automotive, fintech, manufacturing or even aviation. The new IoT security architectures are also more reliable than before. In the past, security was only based on encrypting information with an HTTPS link. That’s not enough anymore. 


Breakthrough Technological Advancements And How They Shape Society
Today’s DevOps might be changed from what people know. There are visible upgrades in terms of application performance and availability testing, end-user analytics or complaints, code errors and so on. All the metrics that were considered before are bigger and more complex today. Modern developers are trying to come up with a different method to handle APM tools. Changes are expected in terms of DevOps, as specialists mentioned a new trend called NoOps that sums up the fact that businesses and life, in general, will become so automated that human intervention won’t be required any longer. 
This is both scary and impressive at the same time, as managing software in-house will simply disappear from the scheme. This can also be dangerous considering that humans would no longer have the same level of control on what’s being developed. 



Breakthrough Technological Advancements And How They Shape Society

There are some trends that took over 2017 and 2018 in terms of healthcare, but what’s about to come it’s difficult to predict. Non-invasive surgery specialists came up with several ideas that impressed people but made them think that putting such innovation into practice is not possible. One of these ideas is represented by robot pills that are supposed to heal the body from inside out. The robot pill is supposed to remove foreign objects from the stomach or treat internal wounds with little effort. Once it completed this task, the pill breaks down in the stomach, as they are biodegradable. 

As convenient as it may seem, it still sounds like science fiction, but it can become reality in a few years from now on. The same goes for surgery. Some doctors said that, by 2050, they will no longer be required to operate, as sophisticated surgical robots will take over certain procedures. 

Generative Adversarial Networks

Also known as GANs, Generative Adversarial Networks represent a breakthrough innovation in the field of deep learning, which is already quite advanced and gives people the opportunity to recreate intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has been under hot debates lately, so there’s no wonder why people are actively working in this field to create other deep generative models and test probabilistic computations of all sorts. GANs are capable of amazing things.

They use a theoretic approach and an adversarial learning method, unlike conventional neural networks. What’s even more interesting about GANs is that they work based on a 2-player principle. The players are the generator and the discriminator. They are seen as adversaries in the training process and they battle with each other, thus explaining the name of Generative Adversarial Networks. Even though GANs are quite unstable to train at the moment, they are very promising for the future. 

Internet Services

From reverse phone lookup services to innovative Wi-Fi technology, Internet services are now much more numerous and bigger compared to past years. Tech consumers are more and more interested in innovations that seem to affect their daily lives in a positive manner, so most of them stay up to date with whatever product or service disrupts the market. The Internet evolved in the past period, as gaining access to reliable information became easier. In fact, people can use educational resources in the online field in order to improve their skills and gain experience in a certain field. Remote jobs are a thing now – people can work from home, in front of their personal computers or laptops, all because Internet services are more accessible than ever. 

Portable Energy

The future of power sources is bright. Currently, people take advantage of a full-day phone battery or laptop battery, but what if these times grew exponentially? Scientists and developers look for ways to increase the capacity of portable energy. Millions of dollars are spent on research in terms of discovering better batteries, but the tests seem to be more difficult than expected. It’s said that lithium-ion batteries will be replaced with magnesium-ion batteries soon, but the theory is still under testing. The next generation of batteries should offer people more benefits to take advantage of.

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